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Writing Short Stories for Kindle

Updated on April 30, 2015

Kindle's Word Count Minimum

If you're thinking of publishing short stories on Kindle, keep in mind that Kindle books are now required to have 2,500 words or more. Books with fewer words will be rejected. But, some great short stories do have fewer than 2,500 words. So, a great idea to overcome this new requirement is to publish a collection of short stories in a single book.

Getting Your Feet Wet

In my opinion, a Kindle book should offer its readers around 10,000 words. Otherwise, it just seems too short, and this can lead to bad reviews which will hurt sales. This is why collections are much better for short stories. Packing a couple short stories together makes the book much more attractive and meets Kindle's minimum guidelines for publishing. You can build a clickable table of contents that lets the reader jump to each story just as you would for chapters in a regular book. Compiling a few short stories is a great way to put together a book very easily if it's your first time publishing, too.

Creating a Series

Books that feature collections of similar stories can open the door for a series or multi-volume books. Creating a series is a great way to earn more money on Kindle because if people enjoyed the first book, they are likely to purchase another. A collection of short stories in a particular genre can be repeated with different stories in each book. Kindle gives you the option to select whether or not your book is part of a series when you are uploading it for publishing. If you choose to do this, your books will be linked to each other on Amazon, making them easier for fans to find.


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