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Writing Software is an Excellent Investment

Updated on October 9, 2015

English is a difficult language with room for improvement as well as easy to make errors

Writing software for any niche is available. use it to increase your revenue by making your writing better with very little investment
Writing software for any niche is available. use it to increase your revenue by making your writing better with very little investment | Source

Writing software is wonderful for the freelance writer with the added skills to make it happen. One of the biggest, best and most popular created touches on building articles and stories. These are software designs centered around writers. As a freelance writer the skills and know how on building one of these is already at the fingertips. By connecting a natural skill set used for crafting content with a designer capable of coding it, the sky is the limit.

Writers are the best source of info

Who better to write a piece of material teaching writing skills other than an individual who does it for a living. When it comes to the proficiency needed to make the task of building material easier, name a better source?

Freelance writers are the best of the bunch because the task of making a living at it is much more difficult than the average writer. There is typically more content, more variation of subject matter and content at a faster pace than the average creator. This means having discovered ways to make it simpler is worth selling for profit. Amazingly, there are people interested in buying it.

Instead of the known, consider creation of the unknown

It is not always about what is known, but sometimes the unknown is even better. This makes a lot more sense when considering a specific scenario. There are not a lot of instances when a reduction means an increase in earnings. This is one such case where it makes sense.

For example, experience breeds lots of things. Generally in this business it comes down to what is needed. However, there is also a left over knowledge when discovering what kinds or things are needed for success. The leftovers reveal what is not needed.This is is actually worth a dollar or two.

A program is doable in this forum for scores of folks. Construct a software program to delete unnecessary items and things writers include in content. Taking out the unnecessary never fails to make something better than it was before.


There is competition in more than few forms. There are blogs, websites and online courses sharing the same type of material. Though, countless writers like to receive it in other ways as well. One of the best in the internet age is in the form of software. It is not unique in the info, but the deliver is capable of being so.

There are literally hundreds of innovative English grammar writing software that is only a mouse click away.This does not mean one more program makes or breaks the bank. There is room enough and certainly more than enough writers for the money to go around.

The average customer

Many who use writing software are more than pleased with the enhancement added to personally written documents. Writing software is wonderful for enhancing all sorts of diverse and assorted text in any format. Just like anything else, go with a specific niche to attract a narrower customer base. The more narrow the base, the more customers coming a certain direction.

A few search for the basics. These revolutionary devices immediately check spelling punctuation. The ability is present to determine if proper English was used in a piece of material or portion of text. There are even those analyzing an entire document for a variety of things. These give contextual based suggestions to enhance vocabulary. For instance, using synonyms, homonyms, nouns and nearly any other type of grammar formation.

The best and most unique forms of software give up a visualization to the creator which simply enhances skills already owned. Something good becomes something even better.

How does it work

There is a smart algorithm contained in most writing software capable of a simple fix to basic writing English. Based on documents from everywhere, mostly on the web, writers shortcut experience. Instead of years of reading an analyzing written material, it takes the software minutes to do it and report back the findings.

The entire text written is compared to an enormous database of genuine language examples making it possible to see only appropriate English grammar corrections and proposals for improvement to an individuals personally created text. The developers worked for years to build this database and compile the information for cutting edge technology used in writing software. The benefits seen are immediate and help to shape future material with the feedack users receive.

Different niches

Writing software has been developed for nearly every sort of writing niche. For those people with an interest in building screenplays, copy writing, business, article writing and any other niche imaginable there appears to be a resource needed.

Writers relying on talent and personal experience within one niche or another are more likely to meet a successful goal on this sort of imagine. The more known about a writing style the easier it is to convey ideas and work with a programmer when the need arises. Ideas and concepts are shared much more easier which speeds up the process and monies coming in. Additionally, a well written one builds a customer appeal and base faster.

Accuracy instead of quantity of work

Regardless of what niche or content being focused on, accuracy is the goal. Quality of writing is always more important than quantity and the same holds true with this endeavor. One of the reasons this type of software is in such demand is the difficulty found in writing the language.

Our English language is complex and hard. The language is convoluted and full of twists and turns. Many issues are taken into consideration when proofreading English. This makes the algorithm an ardent task and the program more desirable than other langua

A great example is using the proper verb tense, punctuation, spelling, etc. Every element combines to make a terrific piece of written content. One small element missing or incorrect can cost you. This could make the difference is getting a client capable of a a source of lots of future work or getting a job when writing a resume. It is very important to be accurate in countless cases.

Even articles about cars or travel makes tons of money for freelance writers.
Even articles about cars or travel makes tons of money for freelance writers.

In concusion

This is a wonderful source of income countless writers never consider. There is the experience and expertise at the ready. There is a definite shortage of those capable of cashing in on it. Finding the right developer or designer to write the code for it is not as difficult as most believe. The same resources clients use to find a freelance writer are great for linking up with someone to help in this circumstance.

This is an example of what is on deck when creating a screenplay. This is a wonderful place to start a niche in writing software


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi smcopywrite.

      Super info.

      I'm right at the very begining which means i haven't put pen to paper yet, as they say.

      Have read many articles on "Writing an eBook" and many say fiction or a subject that needs research and that people can relate to.

      My thoughts are towards a childrens ebook, is this a feasible direction or is it like they say don't film with children and animals and leave it to the professionals. Are there rules for writing on these lines?

      Voted up and for me it was awesome.

      Take care SM and have a nice Sunday.

      LOL Ghaelach

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 

      7 years ago from Massachusetts

      Thanks for all this great information about writing software and their usefulness and benefits .

    • A.A. Zavala profile image

      Augustine A Zavala 

      7 years ago from Texas

      I had no idea these tools existed. Thank you letting us know.

    • chamilj profile image


      7 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Excellent information on writing software. Thanks!

    • smcopywrite profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from all over the web

      thank you for the comment laneanders and the vote up!

    • laneanders profile image


      7 years ago from Tennessee

      Good tips, I use a few writing software programs, so I know the benefits of them! Voted up!


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