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Writing The Best Childrens Fairytale Story

Updated on April 19, 2013
A  fairytale
A fairytale | Source

How To Begin Writing A Fairytale

First thing is you need to take the time to practice writing a fairytale that children would enjoy, giving the child A wonderful imagination, coming up With idea's that you think would make The best fairytale, a picture book needs to be colorful, write about three characters in length, a few lines Of words on each page, especially if the pages are covered with lllustrated drawings, children like stories that are about and for children, they would learn about the adult characters In the fairytale story, decide where the story would take place, if the setting is in this present time,

or if it's the future or the past, and set the environment, Make the characters be as lively as Possible, If the story is about a young woman standing at the kitchen table With a light smilie talking to a little teacup, try and bring that character to life, build A Personally type if she is a fun loving enjoyable person, It might be better to give the teacup a cheerful personally, as the woman is looking down, create other characters, various types, male and female characters would work alright, but it doesn't need to be, include some animals if you decide in putting them in your story, Do Some research at your local library, reading Would help you develop your writing talents.

Writing Childrens Stories Dr Seuss Style

Dr seuss was a well known american children's book author, he published so many Children's books, he became one of the top bestsellers of children's books, he was a Great writer, poet, aswell as being a cartoonist, he was mainly known for children's Picture books, his books are still available today, and they shall be readable in years To come for the next generation of kids, his work and talent has become known all Around the world, dr seuss was well known for such picture book stories as The cat In the hat, which was first published more than a half century ago long before my Time, you can learn about him online, aswell as doing some research at the library or At a bookstore, getting a collection of his books would be helpful for you to know What a good children's story is about, you can buy his books on ebay, if you have Children you might consider building a collection of dr seuss books for them.

A Wonderful Children's Story

A  dr  seuss  Style
A dr seuss Style | Source

Writing For Kids

Writing stories for kids is a job that most people would love to have it is a dream come true to achieve success in this profession, as a freelance writer you have the Opportunity to work on your own, spending as much time as you want writing your Favorite stories whatever interests you, create magical characters and bringing these Characters to life as a fairytale that you would create, start with searching the internet For courses and workshops designed for children story writers, they would maybe be So many to chose from, getting some training should be so helpful with your career, But you don't need training, you need to have talent, reading kids books would give You an idea of how to write for kids, some writers don't have any training, they Develop there talents when they study the books of published authors.


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