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Christmas Letter 2015 and 2016 Wishes

Updated on December 20, 2015
Our landscape is already looking like this, and it wasn't even Thanksgiving Day yet!
Our landscape is already looking like this, and it wasn't even Thanksgiving Day yet! | Source


This special time of all the year has finally rolled around again, and with it the thoughts of you and what you mean in our lives. WE wouldn’t be US without YOU.

As in years past we look forward to this time when notes and cards are exchanged. Whether by email or USPS mail they are read, displayed, and treasured for the connections they preserve.

As of this morning at 8:20 AM on December 18th, a week before Christmas, we have snow on the ground, several feet of snow on Mt. Timpanogos to our immediate east, and we are 31 Fahrenheit, cloudy with sunshine and the promise of rain and snow for the coming weekend here in the Rocky Mountains of Utah.

There are a few significant changes in 2015, Tom, Kim, and Karma have moved (finally) back to Fairbanks, Alaska where Tom is handling computers for the National Park Service. Kim is in the recovery mode from back surgery. Karma is having her first big gulp of real winter, and the three of them seem ready to become lifetime Alaskans.

Susie, Amanda, and Brooke remain in New Hampshire, and Amanda has applications in for college in 2016. Susie has to be one of the senior school bus drivers for the local school district. Both daughters are active nationally in Rainbow and blossoming nicely.

Cathy and Brian, are happy in their Salem, Utah home where BBQ is the favored meal on weekends. Their five children have divided loyalties between the University of Utah football team and the Brigham Young University footballers, so that their bowl game against each other in Las Vegas tomorrow will be stirring the Butler pot for another year.

Harry still lives two-thirds of the year in Garberville, California, and the other third of the year here in Utah County to be with his three sons. His big news is two-fold. He will marry Splendor Nies in two weeks! His future plans, beyond their honeymoon in January, are in a state of flux as Harry decides on which future challenges he wants to devote himself to in February.

Bruce and Rebecca remain happy and secure in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with their six children. Perhaps their biggest event of 2015 will have been their trip to Laos in November. They took Manolie with them and she showed them where she grew up in Xiengkhouangville, and they met more family members (aunts, uncles, and cousinse) they had grown up without knowing. Their photos showed how beautiful the area is.

Manolie and I are well at the age of 80 I have reached, and which Manolie will reach in March 2016. We exercise 4 to 6 times a week at a recreation center a mile from our home. We attend to our health business (now renamed Positive Living Choices) and we read, write, and counsel, along with being active in our church.

I continue to have an active friendship with two former Senior Companion clients, Roland and Terry, as well as with other seniors in Pleasant Grove and here in Lindon. Manolie continues working with a family she first served as a mental health consultant for Salt Lake County years ago, though one of her very best friends from that group has passed away along with another member of that family this year.

Our two college students from France, Manolie’s nephew Anourack and his best friend Pierre, are still here with us and completing their sophomore year at Utah Valley University as active members of UVU’s 32,000+ student body. Anourack has met a wonderful student from Ecuador named Nicol Ortiz and is close to her family living in Orem, Utah. They have taken a church-sponsored marriage preparation class. Pierre, Anourack, and Nicol are all doing very well academically.

The other member of the household, our cat Mau-Mau, just takes it all in thankful for all the attention he gets, as well as being thankful that he lives on a property with a large garden lot and numerous opportunities to spend much of each day outdoors away from the frequent comings and goings.

Our phone is still 801-785-7000. Demas’ latest writings appear almost daily on under his pen name “Perspycacious” (and spelled that way.) He published a third book this year Haiku American Style, with 458 pages of poems about human nature, complete with photos and commentary. His other completed titles will see the light of day in 2016.

May your own holidays of thankfulness and reverence be blessed beyond measure, and may you know how thankful we are to count you among the friends and family we treasure now, and always.

Demas and Manolie Jasper


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