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Writing Theme Beauty is Simplicity

Updated on October 28, 2015



Being Simple

A simple dress of one color might not stand out appose to one that took forever to make. Some people may not want to stand out.

This can be said of a poor person in a story. Maybe, the dress is only wear one color dress, or is the same type as other dresses in the room. In this way, a rich person might feel simple, if all the other guests have on something similar.

For a rich person at a party seeing this might have a problem with buying dresses for themselves in the future. Some people don't want to look simple.

This could show weakness for the hero in the beginning before he goes on the journey.

The person can still look beauty but look simple compared to other people.

Simple Website

A lot of people want a beautiful website. However, many people make websites that take forever to download. This does not work in the real world. People don't like to wait a long time to get to their chosen website. Too many pop windows, downloads, and adds can make someone go back to a search engine.

Using special fonts only confuse people. It may be neat to try new fonts but for the reader they don't want to read that.


Keeping make-up simple might try to us colors that are not too bright or primary on the skin. This person might be wearing lighter color lip gloss or maybe some thing for chapped lips.

The face might without make-up or make-up that is made to look like the person is not wearing much of it. The person might only be wearing moisturizer around friends.

Make up that stands out does not seem to very popular on television series unless the story calls for a Halloween episode.


The person might only wear one ring, or necklace.

The jewelry is not too big or too many pieces used are on one person.

In this way, simple can be expensive but not stand out. This can be clue in a mystery, the killer might not want to stand out.


Wearing only the basic clothing: pants, and shirt might be considered simple. There are people that are against wearing shoes, and underwear, They would be considered simple.

To others: Simple clothing would be wearing clothing bought from the same store.

To others still: some people might only want to wear yoga clothing all day. Those people might see buying clothing in so many places as too complex.


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