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Writing Theme Circle of Life

Updated on November 3, 2015



Full Circle

The circle happens when someone is born, goes on throughout life, reproducing and death. This is often seen as a circle.

In writing, birth has to do with something new being brought about into the world. This can be a simple of a new idea. This event changes all the characters in the story that are close to the main character.

Never again can the other characters be the same. The main character must grow to accommodate the change. The new baby or project must be nurtured for it to continue to grow. Anxiety toward the early event can make the relationship fell strained.

Goes on Though out Life

Life happens all the time. The body of the writing can be going thought life.


Happens when new life is created or a new project is created. Also, it can symbolize a new stage in a relationship. New imaginative ideas can form from the relationship involving creation.

This can give way to a change in the thoughts about what a creating a new life is all about.


This is the end of the project. Other projects can start now that this one is over.

In writing it can deal with negative thoughts. This speaks about dark poems and dying plants.

Lion King Song


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