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Writing Theme Man VS God

Updated on October 20, 2015

Man Vs God



The conflict in this theme has to do with a person facing something who's power can not be measured. This power could be fate or an unseen god. Sometimes, a God is shown but does not take the place of the main character.

The antagonist is the god or fate in the story.

The Creator

The creator will trying to teach the main character something. This creator could have a great deal to overcome or they may have to fight the creator.

This creator is often a person with too much power. The power often can not be of much use. If it is used it is used only a few times during the novel or movie.

The God(s) can have worshipers. It might also have a limited amount of power that only works for a certain purpose. For example, the God might not be able to talk to humans. The God only has the power to make fire.

The Greek and Roman Gods didn't have every power. The beings can a present test to a man or woman.


Man can challenge the God to retrieve something or even kill the God. There is no telling what will happen when the God is challenged.

False gods can be introduced, or being that are like Gods are challenged. Often. the main character learns something or dies.

The challenges play out like a mystery or an adventure story. In contrast, the God might challenge the human to learn that they need to be a better person or help someone.

Man can try to challenge his own destiny by fallowing what the God wants him/her to do or choice a different direction. However, the main character will still face this fate as an internal conflict.


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