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Writing Theme Man VS Society

Updated on October 25, 2015



What is Already There

The world in which the main character lives has laws, traditions, and religions. Everything that is already in the setting that is accepted by the minority or the majorly as knowledge.

This information does not have to be a set type of information but it must somehow have or is still existing during the story. This can effect how the character grows as a person or even finds love or solves a mystery.

The Fight

Person Vs. Society has to deal with a someone fighting what is in place or what is going to be in place. It may even have someone struggling with what has been in place.

The person has many options: they can fight what is in place in their corrupt society (Jurassic Park), leave that society completely (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), or the person can become part of the society (You've Got Mail).

1. Fight - Jurassic Park deals with a man who loves dinosaurs. Everyone in the movies loves dinosaurs, that is before they go to Jurassic Park.

The man decides to build a park for everyone to see. However, as we clearly see the park has cut corners on things like labeling names correctly, rushing everything, and not training anyone very well.

The dinosaur park is part of society. This park could have opened if anyone had enough money in that society. It was rushed.

The fight is when the man realizes that he succumbed to the push to make the park too soon. But, his fight is more to keep his legal matters and park safe. We learn early on that his fight has nothing to do with actual people and more to do with money.

He even talks against his lawyer who suggest that they get more money from entrance fee. He wants to go against society and let people in for a reduced piece but not go bankrupt himself. That should make no since. The creator should welcome the larger rates to cover the cost of training and what the park needs.

2. Leave Society - Charlie in the Chocolate factory has a child leaving society. The child and other children step into another reality were they may or may not come out like they were before: Some may even die from their experiences in the factory. However, the movies do not mention anyone dying.

Even Willy Wanka has left society to hide away in his factory where his workers have done the same. He and the workers do not have the same relationships as employer and employee would have in that same situation.

3. A person can become part of society - You've Got Mail has a woman who loves books scumming to society and giving up on her small book store. She knows that her business is failing and will not survive a mega store near her location.

Instead of relocating her store, she shuts down her store. Her legacy as a small business owner is over, for now.


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