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Writing Theme Man Vs Self

Updated on October 21, 2015



Internal Conflict

The hero or main character must overcome some weakness to get to the end of the story. This could be as easy as mastering negative self talk. But, the person struggles with that is changing through-out the novel.

This happens in many stories but it is prominent with Romance stories. The woman or man has to overcome the past events real or imagined. The character needs to grown as a person.

Fairytale Stories

There are some stories were the hero must overcome himself before he can defeat the large beast.


Snow White has to run away. This may not seem like a big deal. However, she is leaving home. She lived there all her life.

Her mind has to be saying that she can't survive in the wilderness. She is a princess. Snow White has no training to kill animals for meat.

She overcomes her negative thoughts (even thought they are only implied) and runs away into an unknown forest. There are no servants in the forest to feed her.

Example 2:

Belle in Beauty and the Beast overcomes her own fear of being in large castle by herself. Even though there is help for her in the castle, she has is a stranger to that home. Her own fear is overcome by her own willingness to explore the castle.

Emotional Challenges

What thought of as true in the past can be proved right or wrong during the length of the story. Prejudices, believes and intellectual decisions are challenged. The few people in the story are moving the main character in one direction.

There may be a discussion on doing what the character thinks is right at the beginning of the novel to doing what is write once all the evidence is collected.

The main character travels though the journey feeling changed when he/she reaches the outcome or an outcome with is the end of the journey.


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