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Writing Theme Person VS Supernatural

Updated on October 27, 2015




Conflict in this category has to do with what happens that is not normal in the environment. This could have the main character struggling against the a person or thing or an accurate in the outside world, this can be seen a lot in the soft Sci-fi genre.

The easiest example of this is horror movies. Most horror movies, even the fabricated documentaries have an added supernatural element to keep viewers watching.


The Halloween movies have a killer that will not stop killing. This guy is possessed by a demon right around the time of Halloween. What is so interesting about this guy is that he is suppose to only kill his relatives. But, he does not do that at all. He kills anyone who he feels like killing.

This happens on the way to his childhood home. Those people are not even related to him but they die, too. There should be no reason other than to save the audience a long drive to his home without anything going on.


The Walking Dead has to do with zombies walking the earth. This is soft sci-fi. Soft Sci-fi has facts that are summarized without much fact to it or thing just happen just because of magic.

The zombies exist in the story to walk around. They bite what they see but once it is dead, they leave it a lone. With leads me to believe that they have some sort of special sight. This sight could be infrared or something like a bat.

From what has been talked about the Walkers are more dangerous at night. This is said by Morgan, in the first season. Also, they are going to be decomposing even more as the story continues. They like to walk in hordes if they are not stopped by the environment in some way. Also, everyone is infected. Cold should slow them down.

What is not known is: What is the half-life of this virus or disease? Who actively studying this scientifically?

The walkers do not need to be feed or need water. Also, the disease or virus is makes the body decay slower.

They Are Here? Maybe?


Aliens Did It

This could be the answer to questions that we all are trying to solve. Who made the pyramids? Without any proof someone could say that Aliens did it.

Aliens could be out there but there are too many people staying that Aliens are doing what is done by man. We have no proof that aliens are existing to help us even with proof.


Star Wars has man already in moving about in space. With one flip of a switch the spaceship moves forward. There is no machinists in the flipping of a switch. We assume it works.

We assume the droids work. That raises so may questions. How did the hardware and software matching up? RT-D2 is a skeleton key to nearly every lock. Also, RT-D2 can be upgraded to be more help to the plot. However, as supernatural plots go no one explains what how the upgrade was made.

In this one, there are aliens that help out but we don't know why or how many.




When something happens in the home, people think of ghosts. It could be have to do seeing something or thinking they see something.

From what I have read most people don't believe everyone can be a medium. Are ghosts a trick of the mind? Could someone be trying to control the population? In the supernatural world the answers are all, "yes," but there is no real explanation to the answer. If someone tries to explain it, that person is more likely to die or be evil.


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