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Writing Tips

Updated on April 18, 2013

The Importance of Creating Quality Articles!

A subject that every author, webmaster needs to think a lot about. Especially if the reason they are writing is for the purpose of making a few extra dollars.

If you are new to the world of writing articles or creating websites, you should first start by asking yourself the following 5 questions.... Please be honest about your answers.

Question 1 - Why do I write?

Question 2 - Are my articles readable?

Question 3 - Are my articles grammatically correct?

Question 4 - Are my articles interesting?

Question 5 - How can I improve my articles?

Here are my answers.....

1. Why do I write? - I am a blogger and a novice internet marketer. Therefore I want to be able to use my articles for the purpose of promoting my blogs and to make a few extra dollars. Also, I want my articles to be read!!

2. Are my articles readable? - One can only

3. Are my articles grammatically correct? - I believe they are and I should know because I am a teacher of English as a second language and am required to know a few things about grammar.

4. Are my articles interesting? - I guess I will have to leave that up to my readers to decide. Might even make a poll at some time in the near future to get to bottom of that one.

5. How can i improve my articles? - Well, I am a consumer of information in all it's forms and believe that knowledge is the key to writing better articles. Therefore, in order to improve my articles I try to make them as informative as I possible can. I also look for ways that I can put a unique twist on my articles to make them a little more interesting for my readers.

Last but not least, I always proof read, spell check and edit my articles before posting them.

I hope the answers I have provided above are able to inspire you (my readers) to write better articles for your own hubs, blogs, websites, and whatever other article marketing projects you may be into. After all, it is in your own best interests! Especially if you want to make a few extra dollars....


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