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Who To Ask For Help, With Our Writing Vacancies? Form A Circle

Updated on November 9, 2015

Up, Up, The Sky Has Something To Say

Tree Pointing, Tree Faces, Setting Or Rising Sun?
Tree Pointing, Tree Faces, Setting Or Rising Sun? | Source
Good Morning, Write The Day Away
Good Morning, Write The Day Away | Source

Who is it for? Where do we go?

  • A lover, a spectator, an admirer, a seller, a motivator or a writer of deep thoughts and imaginary dreams?

Oh angelic sunshine, I love this little mobile desk and chair that I can scoot around in out here to aim it just right where my face and page and hands are covered in glorious sunlight. Love how our bodies are made in such a perfect way that I don't have to see what is put to the page when the sun is covering me with bright warm rays. Thankful I learned how to type.

Sun is still playing peekaboo with the clouds though, and now just a yellow glow behind clouds of grey close by and billows of white over the hill. I love looking up and catching a piece of blue sky when a cloud moves out of the way.

Now back to my lost friendship. Maybe the lesson I learned is that I am more open, honest and compassionate. I can write vulnerably, speak vulnerably, and I'm not as fearful to actually do new things I use to just talk about.

I was a good writer then and couldn't see it. Some other things I thought I was good at I found out I was not and it was silly for me to keep trying to be. I wasn't as good at giving genuine compliments because I was jealous of not being able to do the same thing.

In my quest for a true writer friend I have lost some genuine companions. Or so it seems.

It wasn't being true to myself, but at the time I didn't know who I really was, and neither did they. I thought she was who I wanted to be. To boil it all down to reality now...

Ask for Help

Guidance from above.
Guidance from above. | Source
Always a sign.
Always a sign. | Source

Vacancies to Fill, Go Ahead, Publish That Story

We think we are going beyond our true self when really we are just giving you all eyes to see into our view of t. That can be scary and a bit too vulnerable for comfort. We are messengers all to some degree, so let the scary part go free.

The internet is awesome for finding something tangible, to fill a need, something that will succeed fine enough to pay our own bills again, thank you. One key is persistence, another is longevity. Nothing ever happens as fast as we'd like it to, keep at it, believing in it, the imagination cannot be captured, run with it.

  • Challenge ourselves to enter contests. Join writing classes.

If our brain only screams, too much, then surely give it a break, just don't give into it's punishing rants and rages. Learn how to set up a writers group. Starting here at hub pages, every answer, so far, we have found.

Yes, it is difficult to comprehend and value this part of our own lives. Looking outside of ourselves, at the writing jobs we can do is easier than writing the craft that tells you about 'me,' about our innards where the true gems lie. Yet, that is all we have been able to do for way too many years, leave it safely here. When that is exposed and put to flames, then, we can do anything. Just not by ourselves, thank you little elves.

Writing Places

Up in a Tree, Just You and Me.
Up in a Tree, Just You and Me. | Source
Down by the River, Calmly.
Down by the River, Calmly. | Source
Sitting on a Rock, Where We Can Talk.
Sitting on a Rock, Where We Can Talk. | Source
In a Field of Flowers, Where We Dream Away the Hours.
In a Field of Flowers, Where We Dream Away the Hours. | Source

A Writer's Voice

Trusting my writing voice is who I am trying to discover now. She's still unsure if she's a novelist, a magazine article writer, storyteller, can she do a book? Mysteries, a series? Not a clue available now, but as I try to do something in everything I see, that writer gal will begin to trust me and write her deep and much feeling into reality.

Let not the discouraging no's stop us from believing. Keep on writing, keep on believing. Turn these thoughts into a song. Let the rhythm move us along.

There is so much writing being done out there, who cares what I have to say? You do. That is important enough to pursue. Online is where writing vacancies pop up anew. Sift through.

We are story tellers, write anyway. Forget ourselves, put the story on the page. Then again, a story told is better than any writing will do. Keep away from the needle in the haystack.

It is a passion, a lifelong dream, to every degree that you try it you will succeed. Yes, thank you, this positive feedback is just what I need.

Let the teacher out, let the student, let the storyteller and the poet. Don't blow it. Such a joyous privilege to have so many safe places to write.

Write your heart out, and get all those little books laying about undone, finished and published, period. The how will come as we do. Take the risk, the first step leads to where you are going, be not afraid that your fear is showing. It is another writing vacancy being filled. These stops and starts are wonderful beginnings. Ask for help on how to finish.

Help Comes From the Sunset

Thank You for the thoughts in the Colors
Thank You for the thoughts in the Colors | Source

© 2011 Maree Michael Martin

Collecting the Ideas

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