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Writing With A Tape Recorder

Updated on March 12, 2013

Easy Writing With A Recorder

If you want to get more writing done try using a tape recorder. It's a great way to get the ideas recorded while they're still fresh in your mind. Most people can speak faster than they can type so you're already ahead of the game. Also, it's a way of writing that can be done while doing many other things.

You may think that in the morning when things are sometimes rushed that it wouldn't be a good time to write. In the car, on the train, or on the bus your time won't be wasted if you write. Even if you walk to where you're going everyday you can still write this way. A very small micro-cassette recorder is the easiest to use. You can keep it in your pocket and when the urge to put something down for posterity comes up you'll be ready wherever you are.

Recording your writings is a great way to use idle time waiting in lines, or waiting to go in for an appointment. It doesn't matter who is there with you it's still possible to do two things at once. For example, while you're getting hair cuts and spa treatments you can set the recorder there on the table, and tell the person working on you that you'll be writing during the session. It may seem rude at first, but it's really not. When I go to get my nails done all of the people working on the clients are having conversations with each other. So why can't we talk into our recorder just like we would use a phone. Think about it, it's better than having a series of meaningless conversations throughout the day with your co-workers,and people you don't even know. I am able to write a complete piece during the course of pedicure while I'm getting massaged in one of those excellent chairs that give full head, neck, and back massages.

If you start to carry a little recorder around with you you'll be surprised how much you can write. You can even take it on a hike in the woods where there's no wi-fi.


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