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Writing With Your Heart

Updated on July 27, 2009

lesson #1


Writing is a way to express you feelings with words, your words can mean so many things to so many people and take people to so many places, its all up to what you say. When you begin your journey on the path to writing anything whether it is a poem or an essay you first have to open you mind to all the thing that you could write about, you have to look deep down inside. Looking deep inside yourself, you have to find that special place in you heart that makes you feel good and brings out the inner writer in you. Every body has an inner writer that they can bring out to help them write anything; just dont try so hard to produce something that is super good cause no one does. Writing should come from the heart and be this special gift that you share with the people around you.

Lesson #2

Coming Up With a Concept

Coming up with a concept is one of the hardest things about writing because so many things have been over done and you want to be original with your writing, you want people to be excited about reading your work. The first thing I usually do is I write down all the thinks I write about and I cross off all the thinks that have been done to death then I look at what’s left and think witch one I can be most creative with. I also try to write about stuff that I know and things that I think people will most relate to and enjoy reading about because if people don’t like it that they won’t bother with anything else I do. When I have finished picking my concept I try to write down everything I can think of about it and what would be interesting for people to read about. If you want you can go on the internet and find some really great stuff to write about and even find stuff on the concept that you pick for your self nothing is ever a wrong way or wrong thing to write on.

Lesson #3

Execution of the concept

OK now that you have come up with a concept its time to execute that concept, this is the hardest part of the lesson, you have to come up with something that will grab the readers attention and keep them interested in what you have to say. your execution must be really good, so what I say to you is that you find a quiet place to work cause any distractions will make you work sound really bad. you can pretty much write in any form, you just have to know your style and run with it, you can do any thing you want to.

Lesson #4

Proof Read/Revision

Ok! So you executed your concept now you have to proof read it and revise it to get all the kinks out, this is the part where you have to let some one else read it and tell you all the things you did wrong and what you need to change, it is best if you find some one who will tell the absolute truth. You don't have to be there when the person is proof reading your paper it will only make you crazy with self doubt. after the person reads your paper It is always good to thank the person because they could have said no. once your proof reader is done you can look over what they put and make the necessary changes to your paper.

Lesson #5

 Publishing your work

now that you have everything done with your paper its time to publish it, now you can publish it to a blog or some other kind of web site what I recommend is that you do what you want to with the paper because it is your paper. but please make sure you only show people you can trust and only go to sites you can trust because there are a lot of people waiting to to take advantage of you and steel what you once again please be careful and watch out for untrustworthy sites and people they are all around you.


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