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Writing Your Way

Updated on March 20, 2014

Writing is Expressive

As a writer, you can simply be free to express yourself when it comes to creative writing. The craft of creative writing allows the writer to go beyond the limits of technical writing. Whether its poetry, prose or plays, the creative writer can choose how to express thoughts, feelings and ideas. Creative writing lets the writer go beyond the limits and to new extremes without regard for a lot of critique.

When you write, express yourself. Do not allow anyone to dictate how you will do so. Maintain a standard that says that you will not allow someone else to determine what type of writer that you will become as long as you have a creative bone within your body.

Others Have Done It

Oscar Wilde wrote poetry as many of us know. However, what about stories that Wilde wrote like the one called "The Picture of Dorian Gray," his only published novel? I do not think that anyone could not consider Oscar Wilde a creative genius when it comes to literature.

How about Elmore Leonard or Robert B. Parker? Both of these fiction legends are known for their mystery/ suspense novels as well as their Westerns. Even Western writers like Louis L'Amour wrote beyond a single genre without ever using a pen name.

Let examples like these allow you to write freely across various genres and styles, captivating audiences with your special voice and creativity. Do not become just another mystery writer or romance novelist if you have other stories bubbling out of you.

Free Yourself

Be free.

That's probably the best advice I could share with a fellow writer. Let your inner voice speak freely. Let your words emerge from deep within your own soul. Speak freely and edit after you have let it out. Say it openly and honestly.

Free yourself to write freely. Do not allow the opinions of others to inhibit or prohibit you from writing freely. Use your creativity to keep you free.


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    • TheWhisper profile image

      TheWhisper 6 years ago from Macomb,MI

      this is true. If a writer does not free his inner personalities then he/she will be deprived of happiness, along with the rest of this world. Very nice hub.

      Follow Me?

    • CARTER32071 profile image

      CARTER32071 6 years ago

      Very well said, thanks for sharing. I thought your hub was awesome. Voted up and awesome.

      X CARTER32071