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Writing a first Novel

Updated on March 12, 2015

Writing a first Novel

They say write what you know and this one idea was the inspiration that lead to me writing a book about my career in the Information Technology field. I came up with this idea in January 2014 after a return back from where my career began in a very small company which no longer exists in Fairfield New Jersey. While driving back home I could not believe how far I had come in 33 years and I decided to write a book about my my career. It wasn't easy but now that I am done, I am glad I decided to write the book.

While I found writing the book relatively easy because my memory of the few good and many bad times was very good but I also found reliving some of the insane incidents I had to live through extremely difficult during the 13 month process of writing and re-writing. There is nothing easy about working in the IT field for over 30 years and definitely in my experience it was about as tough as any career has ever been.

My book documents both the good and bad of a very challenging career in the IT field. There were times in my career where I was hired to sit around and do nothing all day and this happened about 4 times and even in my last ever contract where I decided to finally retire from the field. I always wondered how this could happen. How could a company hire a consultant and pay for the overhead of a consulting firm, plus me, to sit around for weeks and months and do nothing all day? This was one of the true unknown phenomenon's of my career in IT. I learned the hard way that having great technical ability was never enough, you also needed luck to get the great and challenging projects to work out that really advanced your technical skill.

While I am now relieved that the book is finally written and has been released to the public I have to admit I do miss the process of remembering all those details and writing down hundreds of incidents over 30 years. I am now going to go back to screenwriting which is my first love and the writing of the book last year took away much of the time I use to devote to the screenwriting process which was unfortunate but a necessary part of the process of completing my book.

Issues I have had with Self Publishing a book

It was a very difficult process figuring out the best and most cost effective way of self publishing my first book. After getting my book reviewed by two major publishers I was amazed at the prices they charged for creating, distributing and marketing my book. One publisher told me that they rarely approve a new book but they did approve mine, but they also wanted 3900 to publish my book. By some miracle, after attending a screenwriting seminar I spoke with a man there who published his own book and he told me about a service called Createspace which was actually free and after that I knew what I was going to do. Now the marketing of the book is my next goal and I am finding this very challenging, but after saving as much as 7500 dollars by avoiding these publishing companies I can feel good about this new endeavor in my writing career.

Self Publishing

Self Publishing a Book


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