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Writing for Constant Content

Updated on March 13, 2011

Make Money With Constant Content

If you're interested in making money online or a place to get paid to write about things you're interested in, you may find Constant Content useful and lucrative. The site is a marketplace for freelance writers to submit their articles, reports and other items for buyers to consider. Buyers can buy the articles directly from the site, and the site pays the writers 65 percent of the sales price of the article.

Constant Content is a great place to make money online for writers who have items that they want to sell, who have articles that have been rejected elsewhere or who want to leave articles on the site in order to earn residual income.

The Pros of Making Money Online With Constant Content

One of the best things about writing for money for Constant Content is that articles can be put up for usage rights and sold over and over again. That means unlimited residual income for the freelance writer who decides to sell articles for usage rights. 

For writers who want to earn more money for their articles, the articles on Constant Content can be sold for a higher fee for full rights. That means that the full copyright of the article is sold to the buyer. They can do anything they want with the article, including putting their own name on it.

Buyer requests are another plus for making money online with Constant Content. These are specific requests that buyers submit to the site. These specify exactly what a buyer wants to buy and how much the buyer is willing to pay for it. Many buyers want multiple articles about the same subject, increasing the likelihood that your article will be chosen and bought.

The Cons of Writing Articles for Constant Content

One of the cons of making money with Constant Content is that some articles on the site won't sell. There are varying estimates of how much will actually well, but a good rule of thumb is that about 60 percent of the items that you place on the site will actually be sold. That can be well worth the risk if your items are priced well.

Selling a few well-priced articles on the site may mean a good average price for all of the articles that you place on the site. For example, if you place 10 articles on the site and price them each at $30, selling six of them means $180, of which you get $195. That's an average of $19.50 for each of the articles that you entered onto the site, and that's more than most content sites are offering.


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