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How to Use the Wikipedia Sandbox Editor

Updated on July 17, 2014
Wikipedia's Sandbox Editor
Wikipedia's Sandbox Editor | Source

Are you interested in writing for Wikipedia? Ever wonder how all that wonderful information on Wikipedia gets published on their website? Believe it or not, but the articles are actually put there by people just like you! Anyone can submit an article to Wikipedia as long as it is well written, properly researched and contains valid information about the topic of interest. This hub will briefly explain how to make a Wikipedia page and outline the tools used in the Wikipedia Sandbox editor.

Try editing some existing articles first

Once you have created your own username on Wikipedia’s website, the first step is to try editing existing articles that are already in Wikipedia’s database. After you’ve logged in, go to any article on Wikipedia and click the “edit” link. It will bring you to the Wikipedia Sandbox editor (Wikipedia’s stand alone online text editor) where you can make changes using the simple tools. After you’ve made the changes to the article, you can submit it for review and approval. If you have properly cited your edits, then there is a good chance the revisions you made will be acceptable. Writing for Wikipedia isn’t difficult as long as you have written the content professionally and cited your sources.

Create your own article in Wikipedia Sandbox

Instead of editing pre-existing articles, another way of writing for Wikipedia is to create a brand new article yourself. Search Wikipedia for “requested articles” in the search bar and it will give you a number of topics to choose from. Click your preferred topic and it will bring you immediately to the Wikipedia Sandbox editor where you can begin writing your article.

Now let’s take a closer look at the Wikipedia Sandbox tool. It is fairly straight forward, but there are a number of basic tools that can be explained.

Along the horizontal bar at the top of the editor there are the bold and italic text tools. You can highlight text in your article and simply push the “B” or “I” buttons to either bold or italicize words. Next to those tools there are other buttons, including the insert image tool, signature tool, link tool and another tool to cite references.

Advanced features of the Wikipedia Sandbox Editor

There are also advanced tools under a dropdown that involve extra formatting features. Options under this menu allow you to include bullet/number lists, format indentations and use other formatting methods. There are also a few other text-editing features to choose from if you want to edit the appearance of the text in your article. Other buttons allow you to do things like insert picture galleries, tables and auto-redirects.

After running through the list of features and experimenting on your own, soon you’ll be on your way to fully understanding the simple Wikipedia Sandbox tools. Writing for Wikipedia is certainly much easier once you’ve familiarized yourself with the features of the text editor.

For more details and additional information about writing for Wikipedia, read the following hub about How to Make a Wikipedia Page in 3 Steps.

Video: More Sandbox Editor Tips

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