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Writing for Yourself or Writing for Others: Which Writing Path Would You Choose?

Updated on March 16, 2013

Whichever writing path you choose; write for others or write for yourself, both have advantages and disadvantages. Both or one of two could work for you.

When you write for yourself, you have to make sacrifices. Your sacrifices may include alloting lots of time on your writing projects and financial sacrifices. Even though you are simply writing for yourself, you need to allot a time schedule for your writing projects. And if your writing isn't making any money for you, you will sacrifice financially for it.

Depending on your luck, your sacrifices could last for only a few months or they could last for a few years. Some give up eventually while others strive to make things work. Writers who write for themselves either build their own blogs or join writing sites that allow them to post articles and earn through ads and affiliate marketing.

When you write for someone else, you have to follow their rules and what they want you to write about. Sure, you may need to allot lots of time for it but the financial rewards may be more dependable. Writers who write for clients usually join sites where they’ll be able to meet up with clients. They accept payments upon submission of their works.

Writing for yourself or writing for others both have advantages and disadvantages. If you start writing for yourself, you must be ready to spend a lot of time in internet marketing. You better be ready to promote your writings online. You have to learn internet marketing and web design. Your articles, your marketing strategies, and your web designs all play a big part in making your work a success. You are not going to earn if you cannot promote yourself. If you start writing for others, you must be ready to meet deadlines and work under pressure. You should also be ready to improve and revise your articles if clients are not satisfied with your work. Although you will be earning from upfront payments, be ready to get scammed. Many writers who write for direct clients get scammed quite frequently. It’s always advisable to be careful when choosing clients and choosing the sites you write for. Payments are varied depending on your writing ability and ability to choose your clients, the prices that clients indicate, and their terms of payments.

Another difference is that when you write for others, topics are assigned. Aside from topics, there are specifications that you should follow. If your article did not meet your client’s demands, you will be asked to re-edit. Writing on assigned topics may be easier. However, the difficult part is you have to follow specifications. They tell you how they want the article to look like, and you can use it as your guide. If you write for yourself, you choose your own topics. You have no specifications to follow. The downside of writing your own articles is that most of the time, you may be at a loss about what to write about.

Write for Yourself or Write for Others

If you write for yourself, you have to write about things that are interesting for other people. Sometimes it takes experience to find out what people want to read about. Your interests may not necessarily be interesting for others.

If you write for others, you don’t think about what to write about. However, you need to do research about your topic. You should be able to meet deadlines and be ready to work under pressure. You also have to be ready that you will not be credited for your work. Or worse, you could get scammed and all your hard work will prove to be futile.


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    • DabbleYou profile image

      DabbleYou 5 years ago

      Hello Ghost32, thanks so much for sharing your experience. Writing for others is harder for most of us but there are a few who are really good at it. Thanks for dropping by and for your support. :)

      Hi Viveresperando, nice friend you have there. The nerve of some people, huh. I agree with you, meeting deadlines is very difficult especially if you have to deal with it on a regular basis. It just doesn't work well for many of us but some people are good at it and they prefer it over blogging. Thanks for reading. :)

    • viveresperando profile image

      viveresperando 5 years ago from A Place Where Nothing Is Real

      I agree with Ghost32, unfortunately writing for others is not a skill I have. I do not like deadlines, nor someone telling me what to write. Started a project with a friend once, all of a sudden she gave it a deadline, within 2 minutes we were no longer working on the project. Irony of it all was for weeks I had been working on characters, settings, researching work occupancies, and she was the one that never had any time to work on it. Then she tried to PUT ME on a deadline, lol. I was like really?

    • profile image

      Ghost32 5 years ago

      I've tried it both ways. Writing for others simply did not, would not, could not work in any way, shape or form.

      Writing for myself, though...nonstop ease, nothing to it, piece of cake, all that.

      Voted Up and Useful.