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Writing for dare life online - It's reality

Updated on May 7, 2013
By Letcombe
By Letcombe | Source

Do you believe in your writers voice?

Many writers online today have come here to earn an income. I would like to tell you if you have done so by choosing to sign up to Hubpages, then I believe you've done a wise & good thing indeed for yourself. One thing however about such a not so well known factoid, is that many of us new age online writers may not fully comprehend all that it takes. (Plan on writing for years here, especially if you truly looking to earn a regular paycheck! or better.)

There's tons of things we are to learn to master before thinking that just by writing some article, even in the 100's or 1000's. That such a thing will earn us some real hard core cash that's enough to pay our bills. The truth to the matter is, if you yourself are going to depend on any form of online income as your source of income, and your only source. Then it would also be wise to dig deep into such a writers network you've chosen to join, before hand. (Research the place like no other, and learn the ropes from your peers if at all possible, even contact staff members if need be).

What's so funny is, even if you have a hardcore writers voice that can muster up massive amounts of words in various genre's and niches. Even then you still need to do your homework as to what it takes to survive on the web today. So yes, you need a good writers voice, but be certain that learning curve your looking to discover to earn real money is steep.

Our peers will judge our written works first, so write with heart

By Letcombe
By Letcombe | Source

The reality of commercial writing is the nail that seals the deal

Those folks whom learn to master the art of writing about trending content online will be able to ride the waves of digital fame. It depends on what type of writer you are, your knowledge you bring to the online worlds stage. Your depth of understanding in how the Internet works as a whole, and it takes consistency of keeping your viewers occupied with 100% relevant information.

Those who manage to write evergreen content (Relevant article written 6 years ago by Hubpages CEO Paul Edmondson) topics online will do even better, but when combined with commercial subject matter and purposes is by far the perfect formula, if done with top notch delivery of writing and content skills arrangement as well as high quality screen format.

To do such a thing you must eventually become a research expert, and one that knows how to balance out oneself while writing words that appeal to the viewers. Imagery counts for a great deal as well, but you will need to learn the governing laws that are always present about copyright issues. You need to learn about the creative commons usages and licenses if you're to utilize any copyrighted works both digital or from on the ground.

Crossing this bridge is tough, but if you wanna earn as a writer online, some things are truly necessary and others are not


Facing the online reality for what its worth

These are the real things us writers must take into consideration, and besides that of our writing abilities or true writers voice. This all can become a sort of frustration at times for anyone seeking to earn money immediately, especially if such research isn't done before hand. All of this pertinent info can be found and located in the terms of use of any writers platform you choose to join, and its pretty much the standard online and worldwide.

Applying these newly found skills to that of commercial writing will help to boost your ability to adhere to the technological constraints that aren't always visible (Google Panda & Social/Pro networking acceptance in online communities). Hubpages for instance will try to automatically warn their authors of any violations, either during the editing and publishing process of authored content, or after publishing if anything is found out of good standing within their laws & requirements.

You can make cool commercials on Youtube & inspirational ones

Writers are us!

We are writers aren't we, many of us are here just to show off our talent with a massive online community of followers. Then there are a large amount of us whom have come to network with folks, and to lead them back to our official online business locations. All being done daily and nightly at all times, so to help us gain much more notoriety and potential web success in the end. There are those who write for a hobby here, which is a truly awesome reason indeed.

Then there's other writers who just care to earn a few dollars here & there, mainly to supplement their income or to test the waters online maybe to potentially get rich quick. (All valid reasons.)

With today's online technologies, we are faced with social media constraints, and also methods and ways to help our presence online catch wind and gain momentum on a much larger scale. People tend to lose sight of what they're doing in a network due to all the noise that goes on there.

I've witnessed a bunch of folks even get discouraged due to online trends going against their favor, and watching their statistical data take huge drops in numbers. This for some means a much smaller pay check month to month. However for those whom are wise and diehard types, they shall remain steady and unmoved by such fluctuations of a digital sort.

Start your own movement or movements today with words & the strength of community

Presenting to the online community that your words have greater purpose, is yet another way to survive, but you must be sincere and be consistent, provide feedback, as well as stick to your words.
Presenting to the online community that your words have greater purpose, is yet another way to survive, but you must be sincere and be consistent, provide feedback, as well as stick to your words.

Our words must have true purpose!

Writing for commercial purposes is a noble cause all in itself, and should never be looked at as something beneath any other writing purpose. When made a comparison of by those writers whom try to appear to be the most self righteous about not writing for such a purpose. Many unsure writers in such a niche might be shaken up a bit by such rhetoric. Be sure to know however, that those who remain the most firm about their reasons for becoming a online writer are steadfast and shall not waver for nothing.

That kind of shenanigans spoken on up above surely does indeed go on here online, but it never shakes this authors nerves at all, because one must remain focused on the prize if anyone is to achieve true online success.

Either way we all are writers in the end no matter what people think of us, and our words are to someday travel far, especially if we write them with true impact from within, with good grammar & loaded with high quality relevant content.

Note: Improving on oneself, ones knowledge, word delivery, writing style etc... is a plus. This is a sure way to appease your online viewers with making constant progress no matter what you choose to write your articles about.

Placing your words into action on the worlds stage

By Letcombe
By Letcombe | Source

I have no skills to write commercially or do I

In all actuality, if you're a prose writer, then you definitely can write for commercial purposes, but if you are to write on the Hubpages writers network. Make certain that it isn't done in an overly promotional manner, and for your soul purpose of bringing back traffic to your web location. This shows that you are only writing here for selfish purposes if you do so, and surely not to truly help the online community worldwide and as a whole. (Hubpages only allow 2 links minimum to any single web location going outbound from hub articles, and they penalize folks who over do it.)

Hubpages authors are held to a much higher standard digitally, and it makes us all become a much more rigid group of writers. However, some folks will be able to both adhere to these rigid standards, plus still be able to spin their terminology with a flair of brilliance, so to entice the online viewers, provide useful content, steer people in the right directions online and the likes, rather than towards the malicious or wrong places on the Internet today.

So where does your writing skills come into the picture? Well if you're not into writing prose, and online articles for commercial purposes; it's pretty tough to earn a massive income here. You can definitely earn a following, but due to the fact that the online world is configured to give praise to the numbers, the highest stats etc... its extremely difficult to rank up above those web pages that are most popular.

This guy is wise and knows his stuff about making money online

Earning online is tough

Basically you will need to earn millions of views and web traffic in high volume in order to earn good money online. The only way to do so is with content that is going to keep viewers occupied on the page or coming back for more. This is also why writing about trends or making relevant content about it all is a pure gamble at best, but well worth a try if you keep consistent on it.

The actuality of how the most popular things get praised over and over in viral numbers is also due to advertising. (How to articles, DIY and crafts articles work wonders when written with great detail, loaded with intriguing relevance and made with a flair of creativity as well as good page navigation.)

Note: Once you build up the confidence to start writing for commercial reasons and to earn money. The delightful feeling you shall receive in knowing that with your earnest efforts, its helping you earn an honest income as a online writer.

This is a true pay off no matter what occurs in the interim and of course it all takes years sometimes, but that comes with such a career type for the average writer, and even some above average who may lack the technical know how. (It's all about balance when its all said and done.)

Writing commercially for an online audience & not for ourselves

By Letcombe
By Letcombe | Source

Commercial writers touch!

Commercial products are looked at as eye candy for the search engines, and mainly because Google is the number one distributor of online goods. Then you have Amazon, Ebay and so many others. If none of these companies were around, the web would look very different for sure, but since these massive online organizations have the largest shares of stock in the online market place. So many of us online and on the ground are being forced to either go the commercial route that they leave trails for, or be used as a marketing tool for massive corporations such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and the list goes on and on.

This is the likely reason as well, to why many writers are struggling to make it in their own pathways. Video powers have also taken center stage via mobile device, then there's the social networking factors that steal viewers away, which has hurt the potential to attract folks, to per say the reading of a article, or tons of them.


Warning Advisory for bloggers and online writers:

We all need to be advised that the Internet has evolved completely and in a very short period of time, and is now considered to be powered by a thing known as Cloud Computing. Understanding such things today, isn't hard at all. Just try to realize that digitally, our computing powers are beyond what it use to be, allowing us to store, transfer, and share huge volumes of data. (Digital informations in the form of text, images, video, sounds, etc...)

This new age of online everything has definitely changed all in its path, both on the ground and online. Amazing trends have been set, people are trying their hardest to keep up with it all, and so many of us in the 100's of millions are being left behind. This is why remaining an online writer for 5 years plus, and staying determined to keep up is a definite edge on the digital war games at hand.

You shall learn more and more by shear exposure to the latest concepts that the Internet gods release daily and nightly. Some things rise and fall overnight, but others are destined to be a permanent source of potential online success for all those who hopped on in time, and with the right skills as well as will power to ride out the digital storms.

Commercial writing poll

Do you write for commercial purposes and does it pay to do so or not?

See results

Have fun as a writer too, but edit each article over and over again

10 Quick Tech Tips for Commercial Writers

  • Use your smartphone to write when your mind is idle
  • You can get a iPhone 5 or the new Samsung Galaxy S 4
  • They both allow voice to text, making commercial writing simple
  • Study up the usages of keywords, back links, image and video usage
  • Google and many of the search engines are responsible for web traffic
  • Learn the rules and most recent updates of them all over time
  • Watch whats trending online and to catch a viral trend may help you
  • Learn to utilize video powers and Youtube to produce your own campaigns
  • Google has such a thing as Adsense and Adwords - Study them both
  • To get monetized properly sign up to Gmail first, then Google Adsense next
  • Bonus Tip - after getting monetized on your web locations research marketing concepts, this aspect of the online social web, and social media world will help your writing find accurate targets and purposeful avenues to subject your topics on for longevity. (Good Luck!)


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      Thanks again, and I hope you do well out here online. It's a fun place to meet folks, and to network fairly for sure. I feel you will do well with it all as long as you take the time to research the HP Learning Center as often as possible. Good Luck!

    • Deborah-Lynn profile image

      Deborah-Lynn 4 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Thanks CloudExplorer, I really don't want to get into any trouble again, and even worse, cause anyone any trouble, so I will tread lightly, until I know what I'm doing, and of coarse I will continue with Learning Center training. Best of writing to you! Deb :)

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      @Deborah-Lynn , Thanks for giving my hub here a try, you can try the Hubpages Learning center that is by far the best way to learn to master it all. That's what I've done and its helped me tremendously to learn how to balance out things a great deal.

      I actually don't have any web locations other than that where I learned what I know today about the online world, Google Search etc....

    • Deborah-Lynn profile image

      Deborah-Lynn 4 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Hi CloudExplorer,

      Can you email me some resources so I can understand how search engines index our web pages? I have to learn the write way to get my Hubs noticed and received well, obviously I was doing it the wrong way, right?

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      @tillsontitan, Nice comment you left me up there, thanks so much for caring to render it to me with such kind words. Also thanks for caring to read it, share it and share with me, that was quite thoughtful of you to do and I truly appreciate it.

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 4 years ago from New York

      So much to know so far to go! You've really provided a full plate here and every word worth remembering. The Internet has not only changed the way we live but the way we work. Your information is really helpful and well done.

      Voted up, useful, interesting, and shared.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      Your welcome @anitabreeze, thank you for that cool comment, for sharing and I'm glad you found my article to be of use to you.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      @rose-the planner, Thank you for visiting, sharing and choosing to give my hub here a good try. I'm so happy that you felt it is relevant and useful in some way to you.

    • profile image

      anitabreeze 4 years ago

      Great and very useful article for me as a relative newcomer to the online writing world. Thanks!

    • rose-the planner profile image

      rose-the planner 4 years ago from Toronto, Ontario-Canada

      Your article is loaded with excellent information. I am really glad that I had the opportunity to read it. Very insightful! Thanks for sharing.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      Hey there Susan, yup yup its tough to master this online world when it comes to marketing online and especially when everyone else around you in these networks are trying to do much of the same. As a person who has been here for close to 2 years as well, I have learned a great deal in such a short period of time.

      I just love the motivation and inspiration that many of us exert and show one another as we keep each other going here with the networking aspects and writing for hubpages and elsewhere online.

      Working intensely day and night 12 hours a day to attract viewers as a online writer isn't easy to do at all, and requires a certain kind of focus and integrity to maintain our online reputation.

      I shall write about the networking balancing aspects soon as well, thanks for commenting and for sharing with me.

    • sholland10 profile image

      Susan Holland 4 years ago from Southwest Missouri

      Hey Michael, great info!! You are right about being diligent and working hard. We have to figure out a way to reach our audience and keep them. I think it takes time on HP's to make money (not "pay the bills" money). I have been here 2 years, and I am making a little. I hope it grows as I stay and learn more. Writing seems to be the "easy" part for me. Learning all the technical things and Google are things that cause my head to spin. LOL

      Great hub! Thanks for sharing! :-)

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      @MsDora, I so glad you liked my article and felt that it was relevant. It comes from one intense online battle with words and content :) Thanks for sharing and for the cool comment.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      @always exploring, thank you Ruby for commenting and sharing with me.

      I been doing tons of research through out the last 2 years, and its amounted to this style of a useful/relevant hub for folks. I'm so glad you approve, and like it :)

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      @Victoria Lynn, thank you for the cool comment up above and for sharing with me. I did my very best to pack this hub with all I experienced thus far online, and pertaining to content creation and our likelihood to succeed further into the unforeseen future.

      I do hope many more people locate it and that this experiential info helps them, or at least they can relate to as a form of reinforced belief in our true online potentials.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      @bravewarrior, thank you so very much for sharing and for your deeply insightful comment. I would also thank you for supplying the info up there about your successful writing locations, which I'm sure is very useful for folks indeed as well as for myself.

      I'm happy that you have found online success elsewhere, and so have I.

      I actually utilize Youtube to make ends meet today as a Youtube partner, and so yes I agree that only depending on a single web location isn't wise at all, let alone it be just depending on Hubpages earnings itself.

      I do enjoy the motivation and inspiration I get from trying to write up a storm of words onto this writers network, and to see what works to drive potential web traffic to this user location I own and work off of, yes indeed it is tough, but motivating indeed :)

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Very relevant, and also well-presented. These valuable insights are very helpful to our HP community. Thank you.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      @MrsBrownsParlour, thank you for the kind words of support and for sharing.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      @billybuc, thanks a lot Bill for that cool comment, for sharing and all. Yes indeed I must agree, we both been working our digital tails off to reach our goals online and especially on Hubpages :)

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

      You always write useful information on many topics. I know you must do a lot of research. Well done. Thank you for sharing ...

    • Victoria Lynn profile image

      Victoria Lynn 4 years ago from Arkansas, USA

      This hub has such valuable information. It takes time to learn all of these things about writing online, so it's great that you put it all together. This hub explains everything well. Good job!

    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 4 years ago from Central Florida

      Mike, I earn my living (paying my bills) through a site called CrowdSource. You have to submit an original article to be considered then they will determine how many of their titles are available to you based on the level writer they deem you. I am a top tier writer, so I am able to pay my mortgage and overhead. Each article is reviewed before it is accepted and must follow AP standards. I'm happy to say I have not yet had any of my articles rejected.

      I also write for a site called Again, you have to be approved by submitting an article, then you are given your own 'channel' or page. The downside is it is passive income like HP (if you're counting on HP to pay your bills, you're delusional!) - you earn by page views. The upside is, you are given a title and retain all copyrights to your work, plus they have bonus incentives.

      When I was first starting out, I went the route. I had a lot of work, but at $3/500 words, it doesn't pay the bills and is really a slap in the face considering you don't retain rights to your work and it demands a lot of time, research, etc. I don't even look at their opportunities anymore.

      Writing for a living requires baby steps and eating crow in order to develop a name for yourself. If writing is your dream, diligence and bettering your skills is key. Suddenly, you'll find yourself being sought rather than the other way around.

    • MrsBrownsParlour profile image

      Lurana Brown 4 years ago from Chicagoland, Illinois

      More great tips, thank you very much! :-) ~Lurana

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      More words of truth from my main man, Mike! I have great faith in my writer's voice. I make no money on HP but it's the best thing I have done in my writing career. I'm still stumbling and bumbling along on this path but I feel I am getting closer to achieving my goals and that's all I can hope for. :) It's one heck of a fun trip, ain't it, buddy?

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      @carol7777, Hi there Carol

      Yes indeed applying skills of online knowledge and comprehension of how the background of the web works, helps us writers and content creators a great deal. I think when folks begin to realize that they need to understand how search engines index our web pages, then and only then will things start to pick up in a huge way for us.

      Thanks for taking the time to read up on my hub here, and I just got it edited recently since you messaged me here. I will improve on this article as time goes along for sure as well. Also thanks for sharing with me.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 4 years ago from Arizona

      Lots of worth while information here..I do believe those who really understand the navigation of the internet are so far ahead of the game. I struggle with this daily and taking some classes now is so helpful. Before you can write properly and market well you have to know the mechanism of how it all works. Today there is so much STUFF online and many times my keywords take me to sites that have nothing to do with what I want to know. Anyway this is up and pinning on my writing section.