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Writing for the Love of it from the Heart

Updated on June 10, 2014

Writing because I wish to

This technique is extremely simple because its just a wish to write the way you feel. Why get all caught up into a mental bind of sorts about your writing abilities, when you can simply write whatever you wish that comes to heart.

Now when pursuing this objective approach it surely takes time to make it happen, and so patience is one of the key things you must master first. In order to do that you will need a quite space in your house, in your office, or maybe under a tree, or in a log cabin. "Any natural safe haven of an environment works best or quite room."

Writing from your heart

Work on Quality Rather than Quantity

Many folks will try to rush about writing as many words as possible for the sake of assuming the online crowds are going to read it all. The fact is no matter how much you choose to write, if they aren't interested in the subject matter and the overall quality of what you have written. You shall do the opposite of what is meant by attracting a global audience.

The best way to focus on your quality, is to not rush, and to focus on keeping things simple rather than trying to go overboard as a writer today online.

Keeping it simple and relative in your subject matter is by far the smartest way to appeal, and helps as a smarter method to help keep viewers coming in terms of your online writing. The other is to find legal images folks can relate with, try to come up with your own unique images of high quality and you're going to please many folks for sure.

Note: A single amazingly well written article can be viewed by Millions if done with love, care, great timing, and a much wiser attention to detail. Many Stellar Hubs have done this, so its a proven fact!

The Numbers Game is Fierce

Photographer:  JD Hancock
Photographer: JD Hancock | Source

Writing from a inspirational stand point to move crowds

At times and differing moments in life we will all tend to draw inspiration from things we've either experienced, heard, seen, or maybe thought of from out of the blue. So no matter where you choose to draw this writers inspiration from. You must also be sure to choose wisely the words you are to jot down, and you should make sure to mean every last syllable, noun, verb, coordinating conjunction, and adjective etc...that you're to type. "Grammar is huge online and off".

Performing this sort of mental exercise is truly something that takes pure and uncut hard work in written form, but the more you tend to do this, the more it would become apparent that your words are viewed by your readers as much more appealing to the eyes. (Some folks may be getting caught up in that mental bind due to the strenuous process of trying to appeal, forget about that just write and write as often as you wish and you can fix things as you go along or after its done).

Writing for years does this to many writers where it may not have been a proven thing, that maybe their minds have somehow evolved due to soaking up so much words of passion, and jotting them down much of the time throughout their life experiences as a hardcore writer.

This could have indeed also been the true cause of why they can generate what appears to be huge volumes of relevant content over time.

The hidden reality for them is the wisest ones take their time, and never over do anything, they know how to keep pace. They can also manifest in worded forms what they know or experienced, imagined, dream up etc... It tends to appear to stand out a great deal more to readers, than the average inexperienced writers.

News and Editorials are a great way to expand your writers voice

Reporting the news does this, writing about topics of interest that isn't in your normal range of view, but has indeed occurred in the world opposite of yours, or long distant from your residence works wonders for a true to life passionate writing exercise, because it isn't as easy as it appears.

Your words can truly fall short when writing about things that you have no true life connection, or love connection to. Choosing a foreign subject that beholds a great deal of action words, current or even recently past event in occurrence, or that have occurred in the past helps with this as well.

How it helps is, to expand your thought powers reach for grabbing at subject matter that's challenging to write from the heart about, and when you get use to it, you can infuse much of your own passion for writing and life into it. "Research is the key to this technique, so it takes time to master as well."

The Audience are watching! relate to their needs and you're set

By:  Tokyo Times
By: Tokyo Times | Source

On Amazon "Fight The Block"

Writing unlike a pro writer but more for just writing as a pure joy!

I love to write about ANYTHING, and when I state that even if its in all caps it means "Everything" I can think up. At times I just allowed my mind to flow into the infinitude of reality.

Thinking in multiple directions is a great way to conjure up ideas that are bright, and worthy of selling to your readers. Online though writing with true relevance of certain niche topics will tend to help the author of such articles to churn out many more views then anything at all. This is a well known thing that deals with SEO, Keywords, and how the Internet works behind the scenes dealing with search engines.

How to write for the joy of it, without worry about these truths online of the more SEO kind isn't easy due to the need of many writers to earn an honest income with their writings, but some specially talented writers can still manage to have fun with the niche writing even and it's more of an experiential thing to be able to make that magic happen behind the computer screen for any online writer.

Destroy Writers Block "Cure!"

How do you destroy writers block?

Well for that writers block buggy man, all I do is start to meditate on "Nothing".

Yup! I stated the keyword NOTHING, in quotes. Why do I do such a thing and how?

Well, when I was in the US Navy many years back. I used to run over to the bookstore at the local mall where I was stationed. Due to my college experience with studies of philosophy, I was so in love and intrigued by the mysteriousness which had surrounded certain worldly philosophies.

Purchasing many books on ancient Philosophers I began reading many books back then on the subject and then somehow I was compelled by my curiosity to try my hand on Zen philosophy, which is a more Asian philosophy that deals with deep meditations, and it was awesome to learn about. I found this sort of mental exercise after trying it myself to be very stimulating and fascinating at the same time, because my mind was actually more cluttered back then than ever before.

"I'm so happy I chose to explore and try different things like meditation, and researching thereafter into where it all originated from."

Use Images of yourself to express originality of your true writers voice, and connect with your online community, with viewers, and get comfortable as a writer

Author | Source

Realize that words are Everything!

Everything, meaning what you see, what you know, stuff you've learned all throughout your life. Try to think about those how-to lessons people gave you like how to ride a bike etc..., whatever else is on the top of your mind are great ways to come up with instant word powers.

Through brain storming for ideas like this you can truly allow your imagination to run as well, and come up with raw & uncut original themes to focus emphasis on inspired by real life situations. Oh and never ever forget about "Passion"

"Writing with passion stimulates readers in amazing ways, and they might even begin sharing your articles for you without you knowing."

Expounding on the true powers of meditative thought to enable your writers voice

After that mental experience of sorts I then chose to learn about Buddhism. I decided to locate the true source of such a philosophy and discovered yet another type which was known as Taoism, and then that led to the true source which was the Buddha himself through further research and reading.

This stimulated corners of my brain I never ever thought of, all using meditation techniques of the Buddha, and after knowing who came up with it empowered me as well as set me on a totally different life path and journey towards knowledge of self. "I also discovered great worldly wisdom in the process."

I actually meditated for the next 6 years straight every single day in the Navy in a quite place of my military barracks at first, then with headsets on and music playing at the gazebo. Eventually I could meditate with people talking to me even at work, or on duty, and anything in occurrence would no-longer affect me as it once had done. I could blank it all out if I wished or I could use the meditative process to engage on a much higher level of thought clarity focusing 100% on what people were saying or performing. "My attention to detail now became maximized!"

Ironically I wasn't converted to Buddhism though, but I learned to use the Buddha's teachings to help heal my mind even from those mental scars I had received in my youth from bad experiences of a more unfortunate nature and happening (No more childhood demons or fears floating around in my head).

So therefore meditation became a major part of my life, livelihood, and now I use it to clear my thoughts for a true pathway to write powerful compelling, yet compassionate articles.

Why not throw in a Personal Philosophy if you're writing a Hub article it can't hurt, and can bring your real voice to the page

Heart Warming Writers Poll

Do you love writing and from your heart for the love of it?

See results

In conclusion

  • Writing from your heart is by far much more technical than and other format of writing, because the true passionate words you can summon up will take your words further than originally imagined by you.
  • You must adhere to higher standards of quality though if you think you're going to appeal to a much larger audience.
  • Realize that deep meditation helps to clear your mind from disturbing thought patterns that could prevent it from thinking clearly, and from focusing on what it is you truly wish to write.

"Above all else a passionate writer is also the most compassionate person in real life, and has established themselves as a universally compassionate person towards the likes of all things both living and non-living around them, which it shows all throughout their thought patterns being placed into action with words."

This author loves to infuse his love for sports, for life, and that of community into everything he does online and it shows!

If you give that a try as well, it will open up your horizons for sure! He's close to a Million Youtube views today. Hoping to help youth worldwide with his knowledge and skills.
If you give that a try as well, it will open up your horizons for sure! He's close to a Million Youtube views today. Hoping to help youth worldwide with his knowledge and skills.

Author Credits:

Authored by Mike Pugh aka CloudExplorer (Click for profile)

- More writing Tips to come soon, as he learns to master more himself!

Looking to contact him you can try his profile to locate any of his other social/professional online profiles.

He's been a Hubpages writer since August 2011, and earned 14 Editors Choice Awards via this powerful Hub Writers Community & Network.

© 2014 Mike Pugh


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      4 years ago from New York City

      @manatita44 thanks bro for the cool comment, glad you feel the same as I do pretty much.

    • manatita44 profile image


      4 years ago from london

      Yes. Writing from the heart, using a kind of intuitive feel. Great!

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      4 years ago from New York City

      Thank you so much @bravewarrior for caring to support my article here. Yes indeed I will continue writing such such passion for sure :) glad to know you feel much of the same as I do about this writing thing, which is a true gift for sure! to be able to do it all today online and communicate with like minds.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      4 years ago from New York City

      @Nell Rose Hi there Nell, I'm so glad you chose to communicate and share with me here, Thanks a million. Yeah I still to this day meditate. Now I can even do it while typing on the keyboard and I believe its no different from breathing, praying, or allowing oneself to enjoy any given moment with clarity and clairvoyance so yeah that would be cool if you got back to it. It's so refreshing :)

      I do wish though to one day be able to visit many tranquil locations on the planet that have like water falls, and so I can just lay back into some cool as ever quite areas to relax and become one with nature again. That would be cool!

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      4 years ago from New York City

      Without you Bill, this article would have never been thought up!

      You are one of the number one reasons I still write for Hubpages, because of your passion in writing, I have also found a new passion for my own words. Bro that's how powerful words truly are. I have always written, and enjoyed writing before ever meeting up with your words, but I have never met another passionate writer as you in my life, and it empowers me each time to write more about truth, and about what I love thanks to getting to read the words you've typed over the years knowing you.

      Online writers are definitely in a totally different class all of their own bro, all of my friends I've made are also the reason why I care to write here. Without all of them there would be no me here including you :)

      Thanks for always looking out and supporting my writing efforts, and for being a true to life inspiration to us all.

    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 

      4 years ago from Central Florida

      Writing from the heart is the fuel of which authors are made. Writing is a passionate experience. I believe the heart and soul are the guiding forces behind someone choosing to become a writer. It comes from within. It's a yearning, burning passion that must be shared.

      Write on, my friend!

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      4 years ago from England

      Great advice Mike, I find when I write straight from the heart compared to my 'research' articles I find that the real passionate get those words out there me is much better, on the subject of meditation after listening to you I really need to get back to it, I used to do it a lot, but it fell on the wayside so to speak, loved the video! nell

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      You already know how I feel about this, buddy. I write about writing three times a week, and my overall message is you have to write with passion and a love for the craft...forget about worrying about views and pour your heart into it. I'm with you my friend.


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