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Writing on iWriter - Honest Review

Updated on July 26, 2017
Make Money at Home Writing Articles
Make Money at Home Writing Articles | Source

First Few Days on iWriter

I started writing on iWriter a few months ago. I admit it was pretty hard choosing for the right articles to write about. For starters, there are not a lot of interesting stuffs available to write, unless you are the ultimate Jack of All Trades.

I started as a standard writer, with one star. And yeah, it's tough being a starter. But the thing I love about iWriter is that you can take it easy and write a 150-word article for a little over $1. That's just right for me considering I do not have to do a lot of research.

How it Works

When you log into your iWriter account, you will notice your ranking and rating on the upper left side of the page. RATING is based on the average rating given by the clients you have written for. RANKING, on the other hand, is based on your rating and will increase if you are able to maintain a high rating.

On the screenshot below, you can see that I am a standard writer with a 4.55 Rating after given 9 ratings. Now I need to maintain a rating of at least 4.1 from 25 clients in order to become a Premium writer (2-stars).

iWriter Rating and Ranking Explained
iWriter Rating and Ranking Explained | Source

iWriter Ranking and Earnings

Overall Ratings Needed
Minimum Earnings*
4.1 Stars from 25 Clients
4.6 Stars from 30 Clients
Elite Plus
4.85 Stars from 40 Clients
Over $55.00**
*Based on 150-word article. **Based on 1000-word article

Playing Safe

You might have already thought of it: to climb up the ladder and earn more. The easiest way to do this is to play safe. Right now, I am targeting 150 to 300-word articles to write. Lesser word count - lesser risk of getting rejected. Having a client give you a 1-star rating takes another five 5-star ratings to get back on track.

Also, beware of clients with ratings lower than 75. These clients tend to be the choosy ones. Of course we can't blame them for being choosy. And yes, writers can give clients ratings, too.

How much can I earn on iWriter?

With iWriter, the possibilities are endless. There are lots projects on the site and you can choose from different niches, too! If you choose the right topic to write for and can produce high-quality articles in a short amount of time, you can easily improve your writing.

Some writers claim that they earn thousands per month. Well, to be honest, I am not that writer because I have a full time job and cannot write on the site everyday.

iWriter Payments

The minimum amount for payout on iWriter is $20 and you can choose when you like the site to send it to you (Tuesdays, Every 2 weeks, or at the end of the month). You can receive these payments through PayPal.

Things to love about iWriter

  • Writers get to choose which articles to write.
  • If clients loved your previous work, they can directly assign you with an article to write, and you receive a higher payout. You can choose to write the article or ignore it (but who does that?).
  • You can get paid every week, or any scheduled day you want.
  • Writers can read reviews about the client to know what other writers think about them.

Have you written for iWriter? What feature do you love about the website?

Let me know in the comments below! :)


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