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My Autumn Love Conclusion: A Series Short

Updated on July 5, 2018
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Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

Love as if your whole life depends on it!
Love as if your whole life depends on it!

Savor the Moment

Brijèt pushes her plate away with satisfaction. This has been one of the best breakfasts she can remember. Alex is feeling satisfied as well. He is now more than happy to give Brijèt the grand tour of the Princess since they have both shared a good meal.

Alex shows Brijèt different levels on the ship and gives commentaries on them. He tells her that Coral Princess is a 2002 model and construction is a testimonial of its splendor. From the crystal chandelier to the luxurious carpets it is indeed a princess.

Brijèt becomes enchanted not only in the ship; but in the man who is devoting so much of his time in explaining things to her. She begins to realize how much she truly misses having a man pay her attention. It also frightens her. Things are moving in fast-forward.

Brijèt only expects to go on an enjoyable cruise; be “wowed” by the majestic appearance of Alaska, our largest state. She expects to take pictures, talk to the natives of the area, visit a couple of art exhibits of the culture and then return home rested and ready to turn her latest adventure into a full-length novel.

Now however, she is feeling more like one of the characters in her mysteries, wondering what is going to happen next. Since she doesn’t have complete control over the experiences as she does in her books; she just must follow the cues her heart gives her.

“And this is the theater …” Alex is talking in that sexy British accent he possesses which brings Brijèt back to the present moment. Brijèt wonders how much Alex has been saying that she apparently missed.

“Can we sit down for a moment, I’m a little winded.” Brijèt says. But she isn’t breathless because of seeing the wonderful vessel but from being with Alex.

The symphony of Love plays bewitchingly on the strings of the heart
The symphony of Love plays bewitchingly on the strings of the heart

Discovering the Symphony of Love

“Oh, I am sorry Brijèt. How very inconsiderate of me. Do you want me to get you a Diet Coke® or something?” Alex has read somewhere that Brijèt enjoys sipping Diet Coke® while she writes novels.

“No, but that’s very thoughtful of you, Alex. I have had such a marvelous day.” She says.

“It’s still early. And I wouldn’t mind spending all day and all night with you, Brijèt!” Alex cannot believe he just said what has been on his mind since he first sees that beautiful middle-aged woman sway toward the information desk.

“Are you listening, Alex. Now you are the one in Never, Never Land.” Brijèt smiles shyly.

“It’s happening much too fast, isn’t it, Brijèt.” Alex voices her concerns cautiously.

“Yes, it is but I like it.” Brijèt boldly admits.

“I like it too, Brijèt.” Alex replies and takes her hand and gives it a little squeeze.

“Who would think that in the Autumn of my Life I would find you?” Brijèt asks aloud.

Alex looks deeply into Brijèt’s eyes. He knows at this point he is lost. He decides he may as well declare all.

“Autumn is the best time of the year. The Spring brings about rebirth and the renewing of life. The Summer is the busy time when life fills with activity and we are constantly on the go trying to get things done with little time for anything else. It’s always going; rushing, have to be there.” Alex continues.

“But in the Fall things begin to settle down. Nature gives her signal that if fall is here then winter can’t be too far behind. We start to reflect, reminisce, and recollect. The pace is steady; but not urgent. We begin to appreciate what we have left. We begin understanding things. So, it is with mature love. Yes, I said it Brijèt. Love.” Alex concludes.

A toast to a new beginning!
A toast to a new beginning!

A New Beginning

As Alex speaks his voice gets softer so that Brijèt must come closer to him to hear. The intoxicating smell of his cologne permeates her senses. As their eyes meet, they know that what they have discovered in each other is as real as autumn turning into winter. This discovery is so special that it takes their breath away. As close as they are, they do not touch and they do not kiss. No further physical contact is required. And as if the hypnotic spell will never break, Emily walks up to the pair.

“Well, are you two going to kiss or just stand there counting the pores on each other’s skin?” she has a smile in her voice.

Brijèt backs away slightly from Alex but her eyes never leave his.

“Emily, I want you to meet …” Brijèt begins.

“Alex is the friend who helped arrange for us to be on this cruise.” Jim interrupts.

“But I thought …” Brijèt starts confused.

“I had no idea that the Pharaohs were bringing you on board. They only told me that they had a tired old friend that needed some airing out.” Alex says.

“Alex, I didn’t want you to know that our friend would be Brijèt. If there were to be something between the two of you, Emma and I felt that it should come naturally and not by way of interfering friends.” Jim informs the bewildered couple.

“And they are so very right, Alex. Thank you for everything you have done.” Brijèt says sincerely.

“No, let me thank you for being at the right place at the right time, Brijèt, my autumn love.” Alex says so tenderly.

“So, where do we go from here?” Brijèt asks feeling younger than she ever has.

“Ketchikan!” Alex replies.

Closing Comments ...

Writing a romantic series short should be an interesting as well as enchanting pastime. Developing your characters and creating subplots that will culminate into a fantastic ending or beginning should be your goal. Interweaving a bit of drama into your series can make it even more enchanting.

This is just another sampling of what you can do to keep your readers satisfied. Why not experiment with your own series short? Everything you write doesn't necessarily have to be "strictly by the numbers." The important thing is that you truly get pleasure from what you write.

Again, if you enjoy writing it--someone is bound to enjoy reading it! Happy Writing!

© 2017 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS


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