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My Autumn Love Part 5: A Series Short

Updated on September 28, 2017
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Ms. Williamson is a Published Author and Educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration and Master of Science Degree!

A room fit for a princess ... a Coral Princess!
A room fit for a princess ... a Coral Princess!

On the Coral Princess

Talk about a beautiful majestic ship, the lady is superb! Brijèt loves her room. Brijèt is amazed that Jim can acquire such great rooms on such short notice.

“Jim, how did you do it? This is really wonderful!” Brijèt declares.

“It helps to have a king-in-court!” Jim winks his eye at Emily.

“Our room is just as lovely, come have a look!” Emily states.

Brijèt knows that this is just what she needs and is anxious to explore other aspects of the ship.

“I’ll go see your room tomorrow. Why don’t you two get settled?” Brijèt suggests.

“Ok, we’ll see you in the morning, dear.” Emily replies.

Brijèt wakes early the next day and decides she can unpack later so it’s down to the main customer service area to enquire about the ship and perceive if she can find someone to show her around. Brijèt is in awe of the ship and looks around to observe who she should approach.

There just happens to be a friendly face already talking to one of the other passengers. Gloria an agent is just chatting away with Alex Livingston a passenger. Gloria is doing most of the talking when Alex excuses himself as Brijèt approaches. He first notices her walk long before the face comes into focus.

Next Alex notices her creamy smooth bronze face, long still very shapely legs that are only hinted at by the beautiful ankle-length white skirt and matching lightweight sailor-styled sweater.

The sweater’s V-neckline stops showing an inch of cleavage and nothing else. Brijèt is very tastefully and stylishly dressed. Her rich shoulder-length locks tops off an ensemble fit for a model.

The Front Desk of the Coral Princess ...
The Front Desk of the Coral Princess ...

Two Extraordinary People Meet

“Hello, my name is Alex and I would be happy to show you around the Princess.” He pronounces with a small smile.

Brijèt then scrutinizes Alex. He is of medium height, light beige mahogany complexion with an award-winning smile and streaks of gray hair. He possesses a slightly British accent which is a total “turn on” to Brijèt.

“Oh, hello…” Brijèt is not quite sure what to do. She is wishing that she had waited but she is too excited to get started and decides to go on her own. Now she is not so sure. Her concerns are reflected in her face.

“Don’t worry, the people here know me and can vouch for my integrity, can’t you Gloria.” Alex affirms.

“You can rest assured, Ms. Hathaway, Mr. Livingston is trustworthy. He has been on quite a few of our voyages and he does know his way around the ship. However, I can find someone from our staff if that’s what you prefer.” The attractive blonde assures Brijèt.

“Have you had breakfast, Ms. Hathaway?” Alex inquires.

“No, I haven’t.” Suddenly, Brijèt begins to feel hungry. “And you may call me Brijèt.” Brijèt beams at Alex. This is going to prove to be an exciting cruise, just as she has predicted.

“Are you Brijèt Hathaway, the novelist and winner of the Oscar for Best Screenplay in 2008?” Alex says looking very impressed.

“That’s me. And I’ll bet you are Alex Livingston, the globe-trotting entrepreneur!” Brijèt is unusually breathless. Imagine that, she thinks to herself. Alex is the businessman’s businessman. Wow! Even her ex-husband Joe would give his right arm for an interview with Alex!

“Now that we’ve gotten pass the preliminaries let’s have some breakfast. Do you need to leave a note for your companions?” Alex probes.

“As a matter-of-fact I do need to leave a note for Emily and Jim Pharaoh.”

A Dining Room fit for a princess ... A Coral Princess!
A Dining Room fit for a princess ... A Coral Princess!

Breakfast for Two

Brijèt starts to feel a little embarrassed because she has forgotten them. Of course, if you take into consideration the fact that she is probably with the most gorgeous man on board that can be expected.

“Gloria, will you please leave a message for Emily and Jim Pharaoh; let them know that their star writer is spending some quality time with me?” Alex informs, then turns to Brijèt, “You don’t mind if I intercede for you, do you? I didn’t mean to be presumptuous.”

“No, I appreciate you being so considerate.” Brijèt thinks to herself, “He’s nice!”

“Good, that’s done, now let’s have breakfast.” Alex proposes.

The dining room of the Coral Princess is superb. Alex proves to be the perfect gentleman and very considerate. Just when Brijèt is starting to relax she thinks about Joe and how chivalrous he was when she first met him.

“This is just an invitation to breakfast and not a proposal of marriage.” Brijèt mentally reminds herself. “Yea and this is not the first time that you’ve fell for a successful businessman.” Her thoughts counter. Brijèt is having a tug of war with her emotions when she is interrupted by Alex.

“You look like you are in deep thought.” Alex says.

“I Am.” is all Brijèt replies.

“Ok, I get it; it’s none of my business.” Alex concludes trying to hide the hurt he is feeling and wondering why he even feels this way. He really doesn’t know that much about Brijèt other than a rumor that she had a bad marital experience and she throws herself into her work with so much vigor and rarely if ever takes a vacation. Alex can also relate to that because he has experienced the same thing at about the same time that Brijèt had. Coincidence, who really knows.

“Alex, I don’t mean to be rude. You have been nothing but kind to me; it’s just that …” Brijèt allows Alex to read between the lines.

“Hey, I understand. As soon as you finish eating, allow me to play tour guide and show you around. Those friends of yours must really be sleeping late.” Alex jokes.

An early morning drink is not the other thing that Emily and Jim are enjoying!
An early morning drink is not the other thing that Emily and Jim are enjoying!

Conscientious Observers

Little to either Brijèt or Alex knowledge, both Jim and Emily are closely observing them. The couple rise a little after Brijèt does and when Emily looks in Brijèt’s room and finds her missing; she tells Jim. They shower, dress and go downstairs to find Brijèt nowhere in sight. After checking with the Front Desk to find out the whereabouts of their friend; they decide to discreetly investigate.

“I told you she would be all right.” Jim tells his wife with a satisfied grin on his face.

“I didn’t doubt you for one moment, love. I just wanted to see for myself. I am glad that I came. She still has that preoccupied look on her face; but it’s not as bad as usual.” Emily comments.

“That’s because magic is being performed. Did you see the way Alex looked at her?” Jim inquires.

“Yea, a little hurt and a lot of concern?” Emily observes.

“I think he likes her, Emma.” Jim says.

“I think you are right, Jim. And if she messes this up; I am going to smack her myself.” Emily laughs.

“Well, you know that Joey put quite a dent in her heart.” Jim declares soberly.

“She needs to get over it. It’s been 15 years already. How long are you supposed to carry the torch? It’s a wonder she hasn’t been consumed by the flame. Joey sure isn’t pining over her.” Emily proclaims.

“Of course not, as long as he gets his meals served on time, his bath water room temperature, and his paper and slippers neatly laid out he’s content and woe to any woman that complains about it.” Jim finishes in disgust.

“Boy, I am sure glad you are not like that, Jim dear.” Emily smiles at Jim.

“I know better. For one thing, you would never go for anything like that. And for another thing, I would go crazy having someone wait on me constantly. I thought I would go postal when I got sick with the flu last year and had to have you mother hen me all season.” Jim lays his hand on Emily’s knee.

“You know you love it.” Emily says. “Look, they are getting up. Do we follow them further?”

“We do not.” Jim decides with finality in his voice.

“I was just asking.” Emily squeaks meekly.

To be continued ...

© 2017 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS


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    • Jacqueline4390 profile image

      Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 5 months ago from Memphis

      There will be one more segment in this series. Then I plan to focus my attention on articles designed to assist new writers and writers who wish to reestablish their love for this genre!