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Writing with WriterAccess

Updated on July 25, 2016



Among the tons of freelance writing websites out there(such as Fiverr, Freelancer, Contently, ect..) you will find What is so great about Writer Access? They are free to join and they honestly do pay you. Well tell me more you ask? Of course!

Signing Up is Easy

To get started is easy. You actually have four options to signing up from: a Writer, Editor, Translator, or Content Strategy writer. From there fill out the contact information form and hit submit.

Being a Writer

To be a writer with them you first must take the writers test(No worries its simple.). While you wait on your results start setting up your profile. This wise for setting up your profile may take you awhile. They have a detailed profile set up in what you need to add to it. This is because your profile will act like your own personal resume, so don't sell yourself short. How well you set up your profile will also cause into your final test score too. In the end you are given what they call a Writers Star Ranking. What this means is you will only be able to apply to the jobs that are within your own writing rank. For example if you got a 4 star ranking this means jobs with a 1- 4 star ranking will be open to you. You can increase your writing rank only if the client rates your work as exceeding their expectations.

Getting Work

Getting started and finding work is not difficult with Email notifications come in every day to what jobs have come in and are available to you. It is also best to just login everyday too and check the jobs available. Some jobs are not just exclusive to you so you need to be quick sometimes to snag one. The jobs are broken down into two main types Content Orders and Cast Call Orders.

Content Orders- Just like with any job you have to apply for these jobs. You get a little box where you can add a little cover letter to tell why you would be perfect for the position. It is up to the client though if they want to accept you or not. These job usually pay higher too.

Casting Call -Jobs listed in Casting Call can be snagged right away. Click on the apply button, check the order over, if you like what you see hit the Checkout button and the job is yours.

Special Orders

These orders are slightly different from your regular orders.

Solo Orders - If a client sees your profile and wants only you to write for them, then a Solo Order can be made.

Love List - Clients can create their favorite group of writers which is called their Love List. This is great for clients that have a large writing order to fill. If you get added to a clients Love List you get a email notice 10 minuets before the job is officially posted to give you a heads up. It’s a prestige but you still are on a list with other writers so you got to be quick to snag a job.

Crowd Order - These are orders designated within your writer star ranking only.

Garage Space

You will also encounter that is called Garage Space. This is the number of articles you are allowed to take on in your queue. When you first start you are allowed to take on only one order at a time in each group. The more orders you finish the more orders you will be allowed to take on in each group. Once you have reached 10 you are then bumped up to being able to take on 3 orders at a time. Complete 100 you can take on up to 4 articles at a time. Complete 500 hundred orders you can take on up to 5 orders at a time.

Overall Review

Writer Access is one of the most enjoyable writing sites I have had the pleasure to write for. To succeed it is about putting in the effort. If you put in the effort, even a small bit the money will start coming in. I admit I was apposed at first, but the problem was I didn't try. I didn't put in the effort. Once I did I found I started having success with Writer Access. One major thing about them is they make their writers feel valued. When I put in a question they responded not only promptly, but courteously as well. This made you feel you mattered as a writer. You were not just a sea of many. The best part about them is they honestly PAY you. Their payout is simple too. They payout is at $10.00 which is pretty easy to reach and pay-day is twice a month which is nice set up.

Writer Access gets 5 star rating for sure as one of the best writing websites for writers.

5 stars for Writer Access

About JannyC

JannyC has 5 year plus freelance/ghostwriting experience having written for many freelance writing companies and magazines such as Freelancer ,Fiverr. She also has been published under her own name in such magazines as Mamaload, Flymommy, and FATE magazine. She also is the Author of paranormal romance novella Angelic Confessions available on Amazon and B&N.


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