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Writing A Book Proposal That Will Sell!

Updated on March 20, 2011

Hard To Find: An Actual Book Proposal Sample!

There are countless websites that will take you step by step through the process of writing a book proposal, however I've always felt that reviewing an existing template would be a much better way to get the feel of what a successful Book Proposal should do and how it should do it.

Here is a complete book proposal, with much of the actual text deleted as it is specific to just one book. Naturally you should study this format and then substitute all of its information for the one specific to your project. Once you have all of the pertinent data for your book project in this format, you'll be ready to start pitching to literary agents and publishers! Good luck!



A Book Proposal



May 25, 2007

Copyright © 2007, All Rights Reserved.

Submitted by:










The human body contains a bio-morality code that is medically inexplicable and does not adhere to any particular human philosophy or theology. Violation of these bio-morals........

............shows precisely how to heed your body's dictates to lead a long, biologically moral life.


When consumers in the target market purchase and read THE BOOK,

Then they will:

• Understand how to stay healthy through the adoption of positive bio-moral actions and lifestyle.

• Learn what actions and lifestyle choices are harmful or lethal.

• Comprehend where philosophical/theological morality and bio-morality overlap or contrast.

Because the book will:

• Provide clear and specific examples of bio-moral diseases and how to avoid them.

• Outline simple techniques for determining what actions are bio-moral and which are not.

• Allow insight into why bio-morality is built into our bodies.



The manuscript is divided into four distinct parts.

1. Preface: Bio-morality is an unique concept that in many ways turns medical science on its ear. We are all accustomed to cause-and-effect health correlations.............

........... only ever came into contact with exactly the same latex the same numbers of times. There is no medical explanation, but there is a very clear bio-moral imperative.

2. The Adversary: The adversary is part of us, yet greater than us. The adversary is everywhere we go, in the food we eat, in the waters we drink, in the air we breathe...........

...........cannot hope to defeat it, you can not even begin to dampen its enthusiasm to kill you. All you can do is agree to its terms and it will allow you to spend more time on this earth.

3. The Bio-Moral Diseases: Most of the book is comprised of bio-moral disease-by-disease listings structured in this format:

• What is it?

• What are the symptoms?

• How can it be prevented?

• How can it be treated?

• Bio-Moral Implications

• Penalty for violation

• Potential Result

• Bio-Moral Maxim

4. The Last True Humans: Experiments in evoking “racial memory” show that different images evoke similar responses in people of all races and geographical background............

............importantly, what can we learn from them in order to live a longer and healthier life today?


Manuscript status: Completed. Sample Chapters attached.

Manuscript length: 70,000 words.




The audience for this book will be the wholistic and conventional health, medical and even theology and philosophy reader. Demographics should be high school education or above, 25+ and evenly split male to female.


Readers with an interest in health and ethical issues who are seeking a model of assuring personal health which transcends conventional medicine.


There are countless thousands of “self-help health”-type books. However, there has never been a book which has addressed this unique topic of “bio-morality.”








The author is ready to write features for the popular and health/medical press as required, and be interviewed on radio, television, print and web media as well as attend book-signings at bookstores, fairs and shows. Further promotional schemes include:

• 1,059 health-related journals, magazines and major websites can receive a personalized pitch for the submission of articles.

• 4,830 editors of US, Canadian and UK daily and weekly newspapers can receive a proposal to carry a syndicated column on bio-moral issues.

• 3,637 US, Canadian and UK production companies can receive a proposal and script treatment to produce a documentary television programme or series.

THE BOOK can have a full interactive presence on the web where readers will be able to access a wide range of complementary information to the book, constant news updates on bio-moral research and discoveries, and links to hundreds of authoritatively certified resources, as well as be able to ask questions of the author in a blog format. This website will adhere to the Health On The Net Foundation’s Code as to Authority; Complementarity; Confidentiality; Attribution; Justifiability; Transparency of authorship & sponsorship; and Honesty in editorial policy.




The human body contains a bio-morality code. Violation of these bio-morals drastically increases incidence of disease.


Humanity has struggled through the ages to compile a moral code, based on tenets of faith. However, medical science is just beginning to ..........

..........common-sense examples while eschewing medical terminology and columns of footnotes, THE BOOK is a readable layman's guide to the causes and prevention of bio-moral diseases.





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