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Poems About Depression: Writings from the Road

Updated on March 28, 2014

A Letter From Desolation Row

Just listen closely, my precious little ones,

To your No-Good Bastard Uncle,

Who loves you more than anyone.

There are many roads a man can choose to take;

And many hard choices a man

Must find hidden courage to make.

Some will hurt you; some will dig down deep and sting;

Just keep on moving,

Or Else the Devil will know where you’ve been.

Now take it from me, he’ll catch you if he can;

And you’ll be a man whose ups fall,

Crash and burn, becoming downs.

I’ve been on wrong roads, where the sun barely shines;

I’m still on wrong roads,

where blood flows like brine.

I’ve killed a man, a couple a thousand times;

But left his body standin’

Full of cheap whiskey and boxed wine.

I wish I could say that it’s easy to get by,

But I stayed out of trouble.

And this rocky road is my life

So listen up boys, and listen to me clear,

There’s more to life than money and fear.

Enjoy the good that passes by.

Cause I’m on a road, a one-way street called ruin;

And on this lonely road

the sun rises yet it still remains frozen.

Just stay away from all this shit I have done

Don’t live to fast, slow down my sons

Life is not a time to run.

Don’t choose the bottle when all else seems to go wrong;

Don’t drink that damn devil's water,

He will never let you go

Forget about me, just ash out my last butt;

Cause I’ve gone somewhere;

Somewhere where smoke is all I’ll ever find.

How Far?

How far can I walk down a one-way road,

Before I am too far to turn?

How many wrongs can this man commit,

Before I must go down and burn?

How many times can I ignore a friend’s prayers,

Before their prayers are wasted?

How long can I wear someone else' mask;

Before that mask becomes my face?

How far can I make it down this highway,

Without headlights guiding me home?

How far is too far, and how long is long,

When I don’t look back from where I roam?

How many times can I slight the Lord God,

Before his mercy is not mine?

How many lies can my liar’s mouth spit,

Before it forgets truth divine?

How far can I walk down this one way road,

Before Ruin is all I know?

How many wrongs can this man commit,

Before hell is my prison home?

Ruin's Road

I took a long trip from home,

Out on a cold and open road;

And my father asked me when I got back,

What I saw while I was gone.

I saw men working in mines,

A Hundred miles below woods of pine,

Coughing up soot and breaking their bones,

Longing for love and sunshine.

I saw mothers and daughters,

Raising their young sons and brothers,

No money around to raise or feed,

All looking for lost fathers.

I saw them, Cain and Abel

Cept’ Cain, unlike in the Bible,

Was killed by Abel, but both men could not

Find God’s holy table.

I saw the Jack of Hearts

Beat out the King, and all the cards

Bow before the wicked Diamond Queen,

But No one could discard.

I saw Poor Yorick,

Rise up from the dead, one last trick

For Claudius who’s invaded foreign bed,

Yet no one laughed a bit.

I saw the rain come down

And topple age old mountains,

The waters rose and flooded green filled valleys,

Flowing from town to town.

So Dad, I’m going back on that road

Taking a long trip far away from home,

And I’ll run as far as my legs will take me from the flood,

Longing every day for the sun.

Author Bio and Intentions

I graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 2012 with a Bachelors of Arts in English Studies. Focusing on creative non-fiction, poetry and fiction writing genres, I have been trained and educated in many forms of rhetoric. My passion for writing has always been the most important thing in my life. It is my hope and desire to get my original work out to the community, in order to generate a following an eventually replace tradition employment with a freelance career. Please, follow, comment, and share as nothing is possible without the support of this wonderful community of artists. Thank, you. Cheers, folks!

Eric Pelka
Eric Pelka | Source

My Angel on the Road

I’ve spent my life walking on narrow roads,

Never following the traffic’s flow.

I’ve spent my days doing selfish things,

Never caring for anyone’s stings,

I’ve spent cold nights filling my lungs,

With smoke to quiet the songs I’ve sung.

I’ve walked around from bar to bar,

Drinking my share of whiskey in the jar.

I’ve walked away from love and home,

Down dark cold paths, lost I roamed.

I’ve spit and cussed and bit and fought,

And never let my heart be caught.

Then you came and walked on my road,

And refused to let me walk alone.

And you came and sacrificed for me,

Even though I tried to run and flee.

And you came and spent cold nights out here,

And sung the songs of love I feared.

You walked from bar to bar,

Pouring out my whiskey in the jar.

You walked me back to love and home,

Into warmth where I no longer needed to roam.

You hugged and kissed and loved and lived,

And caught my heart I wouldn’t give.

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    • williamsam12 profile image


      6 years ago

      They are all great poems but I love the last one, I wonder who it is about?

    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 

      6 years ago from SW England

      Wow! That's powerful! Great poem; I love the way it (or should I say the person) comes around at the end. Food for thought too. Voted up & awesome.


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