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Get Inspired! Writing Inspriration

Updated on September 30, 2014
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For me this is the second act and I intend to make it a great one! Reinventing myself one day at a time.

Improve your Writing

Writing Journals

Every writer should keep a writing journal. What exactly do you keep in a writing journal? Well, that is up to the writer. I keep two journals; one is my personal journal that is never confused with my writing journal. In my writing journal I keep any ideas that come to mind, I am never able to remember all the ideas that come, so by writing them down in my journal I can go back and become inspired, this is just another tool that I use as a writer. I always keep a writing journal with me, you may hear an interesting phrase, or see an interesting person and you will want to write down the details before your forget. I know, you may think that you will remember I did-at first. Then I realized I had lost a lot of great ideas for story lines and characters by not writing things down.

Also, in my writing journal I keep newspaper clippings to help inspire me along with pictures of random people to help me when it comes time to build a character. What you keep in your writing journal is totally up to you.

Writing Inspiration

How many of you struggle with your writing? How many of you sit at your computer with your mind in a fog, just waiting for the right words to come. Is that how you do it; is that how it is supposed to be done? Let me share with you how I go about it.

First, I sit. Yes, I sit myself down in front of my computer. Sometimes nothing comes to me, so I begin by writing in my journal. I have a journal that I keep on my computer. I find that writing in my journal opens me up to more creative ideas. I also find that if I spend some time checking out the local news papers I can become inspired to write, it is true that life is so much stranger than fiction. The proof of that is in the news, everyday. In order to get inspired to write just take a cue from the news, here you will find everything from the strange, inspirational, or just plain interesting.

Second, write, this is the best advice I have ever been given and I pass this little bit on to everyone who loves to write. The more you write the more you want to write and the better you will get at it. I have been writing now for over a year and I have yet to experience writer’s block. I think this is due to, what I call mindless writing. This is writing that I do every day in my journal. I start my day reading various news papers and online news sites then I turn to my journal where I try out some of the story lines that I have conjured up by reading the news. Now, that is not to say that what I come up with is great, or even good, but the thought here it to get my mind started in the right direction. And for the most part this exercise does the job!

Third, I know that many writers tell you not to talk about your work with others. I don’t agree with that, I love to share my thoughts and ideas with my close friend. We spend one day a week brainstorming. She can come up with great ideas that I would have never thought of, together we have fun and make a great team. Now, I understand that this may not work for everyone but it has become a great tool for me as a writer.

Fourth, this is one that I am still working on-build a writer’s platform. Every writer needs a platform, this is a place to get your work out and get people reading it. It can come in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other forms of social media. But the point I am making is-you need to build an audience. Don’t be afraid, just take that step. If you continue to hide your light under a bushel, so to speak, you will never realize your dreams.

Fifth, make the commitment to write every day. I remember something my father said and it has stayed with me my entire life. “If you want to be a runner, you must run. Every day, every… single… day.” That has stayed with me, I know that is such a simple and obvious answer, but how many people do you hear say things like “I would love to be a writer, but I just don’t have the time.” So they sit in their little world never making anything happen, when all they need to do is start. This applies to so many things in life, learn it, live it and feel better about who you are.

Sixth, I hear people giving advice-write about what you know, find a niche. Well, my advice would be, find out what interests you, learn about it and write about it. You don’t need a niche, find your passion and your passion will lead you to your goal in life. I just cannot say enough about passion, without passion we are nothing. The old adage-write what you know is just that-an old adage. If we only write what we know we would be boring. Writing is never boring!

So what I have come to understand about writing is just this; you never run out of things to write about, you never have to be boring, passion is the key, and commitment and thinking outside the box are of the utmost importance. But above all else be true to yourself, find your passion, and never give up. Do something every day that helps you improve your writing skills, and read because reading is the best teacher.

Happy Writing! Remember, you are never too old to hold on to a dream that is what makes us who we are.

Velzipmur aka Shelly Wyatt


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