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What is the Norm

Updated on February 22, 2017

Why do men cheat

Why do women cheat

Why do we cheat

Is it the norm

Or should it be the norm

Why do we lie

Why do we cover lie with lies?

Why is it easier to speak lies?

Than the truth

Can speaking lies

Be the norm

Why do we steal

Isn’t it better to work

Than to steal

Could stealing be the norm

Why do we judge

Without knowing the person

Does the way I look

Tells you who I am

Is judging others the norm

Why do we hate

And not love

Do you rather hate

More than love

Could hate be the norm

Why do we want respect?

But give disrespect

Isn’t respect earned

You should give respect to get

Could disrespect be the norm

What is the norm?


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    • blessedp profile image

      blessedp 9 months ago

      Point taken @dashingscorpio. Thank you for your thoughts.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 9 months ago

      Just because certain behavior no longer "shocks us" doesn't mean it's the "norm". In fact in order for an event to make the news it has to be "the exception". Ordinary things don't make the news or shock us.

      Most people don't want or (expect) to be in relationships with liars and cheaters. The "norm" is getting whatever (you expected) to get.

      For example a hamburger is usually served on a bun. That's the norm.

      The day you no longer feel (hurt or betrayed) by someone who lied or cheated on you is the day that behavior has become a "norm" for you.

      One man's opinion!:)