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Wtiting Adventures Part Two: Pick Your Writing Passion

Updated on October 29, 2017

Before we get started here are some words you need to know.

The words in the table below are two of many that work closely in the vocabulary of a writer.


Why is it imprortant to know this as a writer?
mental or moral stregnth to perservere
Becasue rather it's in the pre-writing phase or the marketing pahse of a project the writier must always perservere
a srong liking or devotion toward an activiity
Because if you don't have passion for what you are doing than is it worth doing it at all?
Two very different word that work very well together in a writer's life.

It's not as easy as it looks at first.

As I have found out over my years of writing whether it's poetry or fiction your passion for a particular genre can change. For example, I started out wanting to write everything under the sun, but knew I'd have to choose which passion fit which writing niche and then make it my own. I also found that I was pretty good at mixing and matching older versions of my work together to form something totally new,

This is especially true for my poetic endeavors. I can write seasonal poems, political poems, family-related poems and many other kinds of poems and then fuse them with one another in such a way that the tone and even the seriousness level become hard to see. I like doing this because I know how far to take it most of the time.

Where does your passion come in then? I believe you find it when you find yourself writing the same kind of poetry or fiction day-to-day or week-to-week or even year after year. Furthermore you find it a lot faster when people start noticing your talent and skill level on a particular subject.

For instance, I have a passion for wanting to pass on my knowledge and skill in writing to any one who'll listen and I believe I have found a way to do so through this format. I love the approach of being able to write an article or series of articles on topics I have experience in and then being able to share them.

This takes passion and courage to do on a daily basis and it inspires me to want to do more for the writers out there who have not yet found their passion or voice yet.

Courage Vs. Passion

Which is more important to have as a writer?

See results

Why write with passion?

This is an easy one to answer, things just sound better and feel better to the reader if the writer writes with passion. There are also benefits to the writer who writes with passion.

  1. It's cathartic to the writer when writing good poem, story or in this case, article.
  2. It's challenge when writing the next thing to write with as much passion as the first.
  3. If you are lucky enough to make a living out of something your passionate about then you are truly the wealthiest person I know, money notwithstanding.

Why write with courage?

Writing with courage is second to writing with passion only in that you have to have courage to continue writing what you are passionate about over time. To do this you must not only find your passion but your voice and stay true to both.

This is somewhat difficult in today's climate of people being so hostile to every little difference they have with some one else. This is the perfect setting in which to find your passion and your voice and tell your story.

IF and when you find yourself doing these things you will gain respect and adoration (a fan base) and you will have that much more courage and passion for your craft that it will be hard not to let it go to your head.

In light of saying what I just did we need to talk about being humble too. I believe that the first time you get that pussy fan who wants to know when your book is coming out you can say with courage of conviction, "I don't know, but I'll get a copy to you as soon as it does."

Carthartic, challenge and wealth of true happiness

Wealth of true happiness
something that keeps the writer interested in the topic and might spark interest of reader to make him/her keep reading
When the writer finds a passion that ignites both the writer's and reader's imaginations to connect them.
When cathartic and challenging writing come together to inspire a wealth of happiness and a true sense of worth can be truly awe-inspiring if you let it.

© 2017 Deah West


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