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X-Men: Beast

Updated on March 23, 2012

This article marks the inclusion of the mutant named Beast, or Hank McCoy. Beast also is the fifth member of original five X-Men members. He is a character with many layers as well. At first he wanted to be normal and was afraid that he would not be accepted by the outside world. Frequently, in fact he was ridiculed by his peers for his freakish appearance. Following his attempts to fix his mutation and make himself seem more presentable, it amplified his mutation turning him into a literal beast with the blue fur and sharp nails and teeth. After this tragedy, Hank struggled with his appearance even more but he ultimately learned to accept himself for who he was. He has heightened agility, speed, strength and is incredibly smart. From time to time, Beast uses his mind in a more political or scientific setting for the betterment of human and mutants alike.

Norton McCoy was exposed to massive amounts of radiation that affected his genes while working at a nuclear power plant and this in turn, affected his child Hank McCoy. Hank showed signs of being a mutant at birth as he was born with unusually large hands and feet. Hank, throughout his childhood, was frequently the subject of bullying from his classmates for his unusual appearance and they went on to nickname him "Beast". However, only one of his classmates really cared to get to know the boy behind the Beast label and her name was Jennifer. (Yes make your Beauty and the Beast jokes now.) The two met when he began to tutor her for biology class and she eventually insisted that he accompany her to their junior prom. Eventually he did go with her and she stood up for him amidst all of the teasing the other children did at his expense. In his senior year at school, he tried out for football and thanks to his superhuman agility and strength it gained him recognition as a star. During one game, a band of robbers who just stole from a bank ran across the field in an attempt to escape but were stopped by Hank. His display of power caught the attention of a villain named the Conquistador who kidnapped Hank's parents in an attempt to convince young Hank to work for him. However, the X-Men soon arrived and took out the villain and Hank was invited to Charles Xavier's institution for other mutants like himself. The opportunity to be among people like himself and limitless academic opportunities was too much for him to pass up on. Hank spent his days in the institution working out in the Danger Room, a visual training room if you will. Hank was a brilliant student to boot, and completed his doctoral studies under Charles Xavier which landed him a job as a genetic researcher under Doctor Carl Maddicks at the Brand Corporation.

Hank quickly learned that Maddicks was not a trustworthy person when Hank discovered the hormonal extract that causes genetic mutation and informed Maddicks of it, he only wanted to steal top government documents. Upon learning this, Hank took it upon himself to put a stop to Maddicks. In order to disguise himself from Maddicks, Hank injected himself with the extract which then gave him the blue fur that we all remember Beast as. The extract increased his mutation but Hank also quickly learned that the extended amount of time he spent in the form, allowed him not to be able to return to a normal form. At first he tried to hide his mutation as he was ashamed by it and used a latex mask and gloves to cover it. As time progressed, he learned to accept himself for who he was and threw out the latex gloves and mask. Effectively, Hank accepted himself for being named a Beast and now actually being a physical Beast as well. Over the years, Hank at Brand Corportations began to be recognized world wide as one of the world's experts on mutants and evolutionary human biology. Following this, he at a time served with the Avengers and once created his own group of mutants where he recruited former X-Men teammates Angel and Iceman to the Defenders. However, when most of the team died in a fight, Hank reunited with other former X-Men to form the X-Factor.

When he was a part of the X-Factor team he was eventually kidnapped by Carl Maddicks who spoke of a "cure". Maddicks simply wanted to cure his own son's mutantcy and planned to experiment on Hank. When he injected Hank with a serum, it reverted him back to his normal human appearance. Sometime later when the mutant Apocalypse and his Four Horseman were attacking New York, Hank was stricken with a virus that sapped his intellect and increased his strength every time he exerted himself physically. He struggled for obvious reasons to use his strength as he didn't want to lose his intelligence, but he instinctively jumped in to save his friend Iceman who was in danger of receiving a deadly kiss from Infectia. When he intervened he was in turn affected, but it returned his blue fur and intelligence. Shortly after the Apocalypse threat was dealt with the X-Factor disbanded and he joined back with the X-Men.

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    • Nickalooch profile image

      Nickalooch 5 years ago from Columbia, MD

      I'm glad you liked it and thanks for the comment.

    • profile image

      Jayfort 5 years ago

      Excellent Hub on my favorite X-man: the Beast! Well done!