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X-Men: Storm

Updated on March 22, 2012

Ororo Munroe is one of the longest lasting X-Men and often one of the leaders in given situations. She is also one of the more fleshed out characters of the bunch as she had plenty of back story and plenty of her own struggles that didn't include the X-Men. In terms of her power, she could be one of the more powerful mutants of the X-Men as she can control the weather. This includes the ability to hit someone with a bolt of lighting or create a tornado to wisk someone away. Upon joining the X-Men, she chose the codename of Storm, fitting her powers. To this day Storm ranks as one of the most popular X-Men.

Ororo Monroe comes from a long line of ancient African priestesses all whom have white hair, blue eyes along with the potential ability to wield magic. Ororo's mother, N'dare, fell in love with a American photojournalist named David Monroe, and the two moved to Manhattan where they had her. When Ororo was six months old, her and her parents moved to Cairo, Egypt and five years later during the Arab-Israel conflict, a plane crashed into the Monroe household killing her parents. She survived buried under rubble next to her mother, and due to it she had suffered from claustrophobia all of her life. She was a warrior however, and managed to escape with very little damage. When she escaped she had nothing but the tattered clothes on her back and her mother's ancestral ruby. As an orphan, Ororo was taught in the ways of thievery by one Achmed el-Gibar, and she quickly became his prized pupil. One her prized targets was also the most difficult in Charles Xavier. Right as she picked his pocket, Xavier used his abilities to stop the threat, however in that moment he was psionically attacked by another mutant and Ororo didn't hesitate to take that opportunity to escape. Years later, a more grown up Ororo felt a strong desire to move south but due to being naive, she took a ride from a stranger who tried to rape her. She was forced to defend herself, and by doing so she killed him. Ororo was ridden with guilt over killing a man and from that moment she made a promise to herself to never take another human life. Eventually she came across her ancestral homeland on the Serengeti Plain in Kenya where she was taken in by a elderly tribal woman named Ainet. Ainet taught Ororo how to control her powers that had been manifesting of late, and also how to be responsible of them. Ororo quickly rose to become an object of worship among her people who believed her to be a goddess due to her amazing power.

After a few years past, Ororo was forced to battle the threat of another mutant who could manipulate the weather named Deluge. Deluge sought out revenge against humanity and she took it among herself to put an end to his tyranny. By herself she struggled to take down Deluge, but the mutant team known as the X-Men appeared and lent a helping hand. When Deluge was dealt with Ororo and the X-Men went their separate ways, and many members of the X-Men told Charles Xavier about her power. Charles didn't bother to try to recruit as he didn't think she was ready to learn about the fact that she is indeed a mutant and not some sort of goddess. Charles was left with no choice but to ask for her help months later when the original X-Men were kidnapped by the sentient known as Krakoa. After Xavier's X-Men were rescued, he told Ororo that she indeed was not a goddess but instead was a mutant just like himself and the X-Men. He further explained that as a mutant she had the responsibility to use her gifts to protect the world from tyranny just as she had protected her local tribe. Xavier extended a invitation to Ororo to join the X-Men which she curiously accepted and took the codename "Storm".

Storm had a hard time adjusting to the customs of this new world she lived in, but her teammate Jean Grey helped her adjust and the two became close friends rather quickly. After serving with the X-Men for an extended amount of time, following the apparent death of Jean and a missing Cyclops, Storm was appointed to be the new leader of the X-Men. She was at first reluctant, but with the continued support from her teammates she quickly excelled at it. Eventually, Cyclops came back to the team leading Storm to question her leadership abilities once again when a mission went wrong. She gained her confidence back after reassuring the Cyclops who the team leader was at the present time some time after. Sometime later,the X-Men encountered the Morlocks, an underground community of mutants who had kidnapped a former X-Men, Angel. To save her friend, Storm challenged the leader of the Morlocks in Callisto. The challenge was also to be a fight without powers, just hand to hand combat. It was a brutal fight, but in the end Storm stood victorious and in turn became the leader of the Morlocks. Her first order was that the Morlocks would cease their hostilities against surface dwelling humans.

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    • Geekdom profile image


      5 years ago

      Thanks for the recap on Storm's history in joining the X-Men. She has been around for so long it is hard to imagine the team without her.


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