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X-Men: Stryfe

Updated on May 14, 2012

Nathan Summer's disturbed and disillusioned clone was the definition of a lost soul. He was brought up in chaos and raised in it thus it is fitting for him to be nicknamed the Chaos Bringer. He never had ties to any one person as he was always out for himself and felt betrayed by the others. His powers are very similar to that of the original version of himself in Cable. The two of them both share telekinesis, telepathy and super human strength. Not only did he share powers with Cable but the two shared quite the animosity toward one another. Stryfe believed himself to be the original Nathan Summers who was abandoned, while Cable knows that he is the real one.

The technicians that were called in by the Mother Askani to keep Nathan Summers alive informed her that the only thing keeping him alive upon receiving the techno-organic virus by Apocalypse was some sort of protective field. Fearing that Nathan would not survive the virus, Mother Askani had him cloned and the clone's growth was accelerated greatly until he reached the same age as Nathan. The infection that Nathan suffered was also reduced in the clone. Eventually the Askani Clan was under attack by Apocalypse and his lackeys with the intention of taking Nathan Summers. However, all of the children were gone except the clone at that point. Apocalypse took it upon himself to raise the child himself and trained him intensely. Apocalypse felt that he could make the clone strong enough to the point that he would be able claim the boy's body as his own someday. Apocalypse needed to do it as a way of surviving, so he would transfer his consciousness and life forces from one body to another thus he viewed the clone as a viable candidate when his own body was finally getting old. Apocalypse named the clone Stryfe while encouraging the boy's arrogance and cruelty as he grew up. He was put into the care of a man named Ch'vayre who was opposed to Apocalypse's plans for Stryfe. When Apocalypse had prepared to transfer his consciousness and life force into Stryfe's body he also realized that he was a clone, but didn't care. Stryfe fought off the process and was able to defeat Apocalypse. Ch'vayre then took Stryfe into his care.

Stryfe and Ch'vayre went into hiding while becoming the new leader of the New Canaanites in the midst of the dismissal of Apocalypse. This dismissal also drove Stryfe insane with rage and he insisted that Cable was the clone and not himself. He began to believe that throughout his childhood he was abandoned by Cyclops and Jean Grey. Stryfe had grown a blood thirst for power which scared Ch'vayre into attempting to kill Stryfe as he believed he had gone off of the wagon. However, Stryfe created an illusion to continuously torment Ch'vayre. Stryfe had learned of a woman named Madame Sincerity who was the last remaining Askani clan member, and he sought out Sincerity. When he found her she believed him to be Cable and told him everything he wanted to know, while also giving him his signature armor and giving him the nickname "Chaos Bringer." He sought out to one day get revenge on Apocalypse for the lies he had told him and for eventually turning on him. However, Cable and Stryfe became bitter enemies, but Cable was not aware of their relationship to one another. The two faced off quite a bit in the twentieth century when Stryfe created a Mutant Liberation Front. This group was filled with mutants who were displeased with the way mutants were treated and became terrorists.



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