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Updated on September 28, 2017

X-Men 1


Erik Lehsnherr discovered at a young age.
His mutant powers. So he changed his name.
Into Magneto. He controlled all metal.
But a professor helped him stay outta trouble.
But Magneto was so bitter.
He developed his team of soldiers.
Meanwhile, a boy was kissed by a girl.
That kiss she gave him changed his world.
When she kissed him she put him in a state.
He is alive, just mentally in space.
The girl runs away and meets Logan.
He is Wolverine, also a mutant.
The girl caches Magneto's attention.
So he sends by one of his minions.
Sabretooth comes but meets wolverines blades.
Then two of Xavier's students come save.
Comes save them and takes them to a mansion.
A mansion with a school created for mutants.
She enrolls in the school.
Lives right at the school.
Meanwhile, Magneto builds his team.
He Develops a machine.
That induces the mutation.
In everyday humans.
Something happens and Xavier grieves.
The girl feels it's her so she leaves.
But Xavier's sends his team.
To go after and retrieve.
He uses a machine he and magneto created.
To pinpoint her Location.
Meanwhile, Wolverine heads that way.
Ignoring instructions Xavier gave him earlier that day.
Magneto wants the girl but wolverine's in his way.
Meanwhile, Magneto's brotherhood.
Takes away the girl for good.
Magneto transfers his powers to the machine.
In an attempt to mutate all the beings.
He's then confronted by Wolverine.
Who eventually, destroys the machine.

X men 2


Wolverine goes to Alkali Lake
On a mission at a military base.
He finds nothing. He comes back to Xavier.
Watching him search for a mutant named Night Crawler.
Night Crawler tried to kill the president.
He failed to do it but escaped after it.
Meanwhile, a military scientist.
Approaches the U.S president.
In pursuit of investigating.
The mansion of mutants that Xavier's running
The president gives him the OK.
He raids the school and takes students away.
But some of the students escaped.
Wolverine and a few others chose to stay.
Wolverine confronts the scientist.
He finds out that he may be an experiment.
Meanwhile, Magneto breaks out of prison.
He's given some vital information.
That scientist that invaded the mansion.
Was remaking the machine to find mutants.
Meanwhile, Wolverine visits the parents.
Of the Iceman. He's one of the students.
One of them that stayed behind.
With rogue and Pyro by his side.
They did not come to visit the home.
Storm and Jean were coming to take them home.
While on their way they were attacked.
They attempt to shoot down the Jet.
But Magneto comes and saves them.
He then explains to them.
That the scientist has built another machine.
To kill off all the mutant beings.
Magneto also reveals.
That the scientist was the one that built.
Built wolverine's metal frame.
Wolverine then realized he was trying the same.
The same to others. That's why he abducted
Those from the school because they are built to take it.
but the x men unite and see his vision.
They flood the lake and destroy his mission.

X Men 3

The Phoenix

Throughout the years they developed a cure.
A cure the x-men didn't feel was pure.
They were not the only ones.
It was seen unstable to the creator's son.
His son because he too was a mutant.
A mutant with wings soaring.
Soaring through the skies as he flies high.
That is just what he does when they attempt to try.
They attempt to use the cure on him.
But he spreads his wings and escapes them.
Meanwhile, Magneto and more mutants.
Arrange to attack the mobile prison.
Freeing up more. Building his army.
A battle was surely in the making.
But the battle was not vs Xavier's men.
It was vs the Pheonix that was freed up when.
Jean Grey sacrificed her life.
She saved others by doing what's right.
Jean joins Magneto with intention impure.
They decide to attack the lab with the cure.
The government tries attacking them.
They send missiles to their base but it's really not them.
Meanwhile, Magneto moves the golden bridge.
So that his army can get in.
But the outnumbered X-Men.
United together to take a stand.
They confronted Magneto's brotherhood.
With an attempt to end this for good.
They stop Magneto and obtain Jean.
But did not stop the Pheonix within Jean.
Jean cried to Wolverine and said SAVE HER.
To save her from misery, He killed her.

X Men 4-6


The introduction of Klaus Schmidt witnesses.
The young Magneto's benefits.
He puts him in a room with a coin on the desk.
Schmidt tells him to move it.
A young Magneto stays in his seat.
Schmidt kills causes Magneto grief.
So his powers manifest.
Two guards were killed in the process.
As an adult, he pursues Schmidt.
Schmidt's aware and gets protection.
Meanwhile, Xavier's team.
Is invited to a secret facility.
They meet a mutant with prehensile feet.
Hank McCoy whom they later name beast.
They have a few but need more.
They recruit just what they are looking for.
Meanwhile, Schmidt comes from turkey.
He is planning to start world war 3.
But first, He attacks the facility.
He invites the mutants to join his army.
One of them comes along for the ride.
In the end, he finds that it's the wrong side.

No More Trask

They send Wolverine
To the 1973 scene.
In an attempt to do what is needed.
To fix a war that a mutant started.
Mystique plots to kill Bolivar Trask.
But the other mutants ruin her plan.
As trask convinces the President.
To initialize a program to fight mutants.
They locate Mystique.
Wolverine and Beast.
Go to Washington DC.
To get her and defeat.
The Sentinals, but they find a surprise.
That Magneto is the one behind.
Controlling the Sentinals every move.
Convincing them that they will not lose.
In the end, they capture trask.
They fixed the fight by going in their past

Stands Tall

A powerful mutant was building a team.
To destroy the world and create new beings.
He felt that humans lost their way.
So believed that it was time for a new day.
He met the mutants and touched them.
Their normal powers, he enhanced them.
Meanwhile, around the globe.
His powers caused the earth to fold
His resurrection caused an earthquake.
When he came he approached the great.
The great magneto. He takes him to Auschwitz.
The place his powers first manifested.
The mutant enhances Magneto's powers.
The camp, Magneto devours.
So he remotely accessed what Xavier uses.
To find those hiding that they are mutants.
Meanwhile, it's a huge explosion.
Before it, they evacuated the building.
But one mutant gets left behind.
Unfortunately, that mutant dies.
The powerful mutant is still at work.
Using Magneto to control the earth.
He is destroying the planet.
Using Xavier's powers, to enslave every person.
But the X-men aren't too far away.
The battle is rough but they save the day.
During the process, Xavier goes bald.
But the earth does not fall.

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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