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Save the girl child A Poem

Updated on February 8, 2013

One nose two eyes, her heart hold no lies;

Made of Xs not X & Ys, her simplicity and affection mesmerise;

Just like anyone else, she has dreams and wants to rise;

Lows or highs, she is always wise;

But her life has lots of whys, just because she is not made of X & Ys.

She gives her all, a synonym of sacrifice;

Subjugation and submission is her pride;

She smiles wide, to hide that last night she cried;

She cares with lots of love and compassion, still questions arise;

She is needed by all, everybody wants her;

Yet her life has lots of whys, just because she is not made of X & Ys.

She is a thing to be owned, a prized possession to be showed;

She has to live within limitations, behind the boundary walls;

She wants to see the world outside, but she is safe in the golden bonds;

She is supposed to be a nightingale, sing and please those to whom she belongs;

She does not complain, cry or wail;

As her life has lots of whys, just because she is not made of X & Ys.

She wants to feel the breeze, walk on plains and fly free;

She has ambitions, desires and aspirations; she wants to spread her wings;

Love and respect is what she needs, but treated as obnoxious weed;

Never demanded the world, moon or shooting stars, just wants to be at par;

She breathes for others; feels happy in their happiness, feels sad in their sorrow;

Yet her life has lots of whys, just because she is not made of X & Ys.

She pours her blood and sweat, yet her empowerment is a threat;

Sweets and greetings are shared when a ‘Y’ is born, on the birth of ‘X’ everyone mourns;

Deprived of even the basics, she is not supposed to make a wish;

‘Ys’ need all the attention as they are the future; they toil and work hard, they need to be nurtured;

How can ‘X’ be a bread winner? Her job is to prepare dinner;

That’s why her life has lots of whys, just because she is not made of X & Ys.

She had had enough, why is her life so rough so tough?

No one answered her queries, so she asked questions to god;

Don't I have the right to live, the right to survive?

Can't I fulfil my dreams and desires?

Why am I treated so inhumanly?

Why can’t I walk shoulder to shoulder with the Ys?

By killing me what will they achieve?

Why my life has so many whys, just because I am made of Xs and not X& Ys

I can do what ‘Ys’ do, may be even better; I won’t leave, whatever be the weather;

My contribution is as worthy as the ‘Ys’, I can also reach the skies;

My survival is as important as ‘Ys’, we go hand in hand, my non-existence means ‘Ys’ demise;

My only urge is just let me live, I can be as precious as the ‘Ys’


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      A very wonderful poem.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      so nice and vert true.plz share a poem on girl child education

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      this is nice

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      very meaningful

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      nice and wonderful poem.(request plz save the girl child)


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