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The X-men, who is your favourite?

Updated on March 13, 2013

Well I think I have now nailed my geek credentials to the geek flagpole! first a Star Wars versus Star Trek hub and now this! In my defence I enjoy them so it makes sense for me to write about them. I suppose I will have to continually apologise to my readers for my choice of subjects, but each to his own I guess?

For those of you who are unaware of the X-men, they are a group of humans who through a genetic mutation/evolution have developed superhuman abilities. The X-men inhabit a fictional universe which runs pretty much parallel to our own. The comic book was created in 1963 by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, The X-men have spawned Five Hollywood blockbusters, numerous comic books and a really enjoyable cartoon series. The X-men franchise has also spawned a huge merchandising empire and has seen the original X-men comics been updated and altered on many occasions.


Main members of X-men

  • Charles Xavier - Psychic/telepath
  • Jean Grey- Psychic/Telepath
  • Storm- Control of the Weather
  • Cyclops- Focused energy beams from eyes
  • Gambit- Charges objects to explode
  • Wolverine- Super healing/ Adamantium skeleton/ claws
  • Rogue- Flight/ steals powers
  • Beast- Intelligence/ agility
  • Iceman- Control of ice
  • Colossus- Steel body armour


In the X-Men universe all of the world government's are struggling to fight an increasing amount of anti-mutant hostility from their non-mutant population. The powerful telepathic Professor Charles Xavier uses his resources to create an Academy for talented Mutants under the illusion of a private school for gifted mutant children. Professor Xavier wishes to train young mutants to control and use their powers for the benefit of humanity, Xavier initially recruits five other mutants into the X-Men, the original members are Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, Jean Grey and Angel. The X-men battle against a variety of enemies such as Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants, Apocalypse and a string of clandestine Government agencies.


I will be honest, I have Two X-men who I think are awesome and I am unable to choose between them. I suppose most people have a soft spot for Wolverine and I am no exception, I am of an age where I base Wolverine on his cartoon series persona and look. Yes I originally had an issue with Hugh Jackman playing him in the film, I did not believe he could do Wolverines gritty determination justice. But after three X-men films and the Wolverine Origin film, I have to admit he proved me wrong. I still believe that Wolverine should be a lot more grizzled and wild, but I suppose that is just how I personally see the character. For the record I would have loved Wolverine to have been in his Yellow, Black and Blue outfit, but I suppose the Film uniform is more in keeping with the more modern comic versions.

My other personal favourite member of the X-men is Gambit. Gambit is the smooth Cajun/Creole hustler who has an eye for the ladies and another for some action. He is a toned down gambling womaniser with an explosive personality. Gambit was never really utilized in the X-men trilogy of films and his part in Wolverine:Origins is not really a true vehicle to show what Remy Le beau is all about. In the Animated series he is constantly trying to woe Rogue. In the film's Rogue seems to be romantically linked to the Iceman character.

There are a few X-men that do annoy me, if you take the animated series then the character Jubilee is not very good. Jubilee`s powers do not compare with any of the other X-men and a small child with some fireworks would be comparable to her level of heroism. In the films I think the Rouge character kind of crossed with Jubilee`s persona. They tried to make a lot of the characters younger than their graphic novel version.

The other X-men i have a small issue with is Cyclops, Cyclops comes across as been weak compared to the likes of Storm and Wolverine. To say that Cyclops is meant to be a leader of the X-men in battle, I think his cinematic outing shows him as been a bit on the wet side. I realise that in the film he is mourning the loss of Jean Grey, but he does not project the self-assured control and tactical brilliance of how Cyclops always came across to me.

You tell me

Who is your Favourite X-men character?

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    • trusouldj profile image

      trusouldj 6 years ago from Indiana

      I've always had a thing for Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat.