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Xomba - The Paid to Write Website

Updated on July 16, 2011

Xomba and Earn Writing

I wanted to discuss a recent development within the Xomba terms and conditions this evening since I know it will effect a lot of you and you may have been ignorant to the change as I was until I received an email stating I had violated the posting rules. I remember vaguely reading a forum post here recently that was debating whether was clamping down on marketing hubs but I didn't realise the change was so extreme that we couldn't talk about our own articles elsewhere.

I'm sure that Xomba played a vital role in helping many paid to write publishers here on Hubpages because they offered high PR backlinks and the reason why many favoured Hubpages over them was because Hubpages offered 60% Google Adsense revenue compared to Xomba's 50%.

Xomba is a user friendly platform for writing, however I do prefer the Hubpages ad layout design because Xomba places a large rectangle Google text box on the left hand side which I feel disrupts a persons eye-type coordination. I find Xomba a lot like Blogspot in terms of uploading videos and inserting images, this can be a little confusing at first but once you have everything included your article looks attractive surrounded by the website background theme.

I personally don't see how Xomba can eradicate all self promotion since you could always slip in the odd reference link provided that you haven't been backlinking there for years like me or other SEO experts such as Ryan Kett who introduced me to them. I must say I am a little confused why they promote new resources such as the 'bookmark' feature only recently before Christmas to cut down on spam articles but never mentioned anything about 'self promotion' then but since the Google Algorithm was put in place last week they suddenly get stricter? coincidence?

Xomba's argument for this is that 'they were never meant to be a marketing tool and were a community for online writers', this is displayed in the email they sent me below. I want to remain a part of this community since they have a nice brand image going on and even have a cool 'channel page' that reviews horror genre articles, after emailing the staff and apologising because I was unaware of the change they immediately reinstated my account.

Photo courtesy of honan

Xomba - Earn Extra Money

I'm sure Xomba were earning quite a lot of extra money from legitimate backlink articles, however, since the Google Algorithm change that wanted to 'weed-out' duplicate style articles, I believe Xomba is trying to redevelop its image slightly to become more professional looking like Hubpages, it has even changed its revenue sharing percentage to 60% in suit but it still has those character mascots that are in contrast to HP's 'New York Times' sophisticated approach.

'Get Paid to Write'

I was surfing Youtube for videos related to Xomba when I came across the one below which was uploaded by 'alanHubpages', I followed the video link through to a Hubpages profile which contained only 27 hubs produced over a period of 13 months and almost all of these were talking about 'Get paid to write'. The video itself is some botched up non proven method of generating traffic via repeated posting everyday, it claims you can definitely earn $21 each day via Google Adsense from 2 views per post without stating that your ads must be clicked.

Perhaps this is the duplicate content that we don't want Hubpages and Xomba being associated with, take a look, I would love to hear people's opinions on this one.

Photo courtesy of desiitaly


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