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Yack Yack Gossip

Updated on April 20, 2011
Talk is cheap!!! I don't think so...
Talk is cheap!!! I don't think so...


They say: "Talk Is Cheap!"

I don't believe so... A word might cost you the most important relationship in your life. A word makes a difference in politics, it can build nations, and bring people together. A word can give each one of us the after effect of an earth quick in our daily lives, it might shake your emotions, and raise a certain feeling in your heart. Words can be more effective than actions. As a matter of fact, words are the tool to manifest the actions.So, how can talk be cheap? As we all know...Gossip is the most devastating tool to break people apart. But the bottom line depends on when and why to believe. Individuals must be stronger than a candle in the wind to be easily influenced by simple talk that might be true or false. We should have the sense of right, and wrong when it comes to fair judgment. We can never be that gullible, and naive to judge with no evidence at hand or even sincere witnesses to hear at a court stand. Based on my personal experiences, and observations, I recommend the following:

Try to be rational, calm, understanding, and a great observer. Cover all bases when it comes to gathering evidence. Answer the 5W in patience. Question cleverly the messenger who brought you the talk or info. Try to find out whether the messenger is the trouble maker or the one who misunderstood, and didn't his facts right. Don't ever hurry in jumping into the wrong conclusions. Draw your own results then decide what's your next step.Try to fully investigate the matter before taking any irrational decisions, decisions that might destroy precious relationships, and trust.I believe in taking things easy then pass a judgment knowing the fact that we're here not to judge anyone. But gossip is like a bullet if it doesn't hit you, its echo might affect you. So, patience is a virtue, and in these situations Control is in order until everything is cleared in a right, and effective way. Don't you agree? Let me know what you think.

Gladys Karam

3Angels Power Film Production INC


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    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Gossip can be very damaging. As you said it can cost you a relationship. It can also cost you a job, your good name, and many other things.