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Yeah, Sure! Fear of Change.

Updated on March 28, 2015

Mystic moon rising

the shadowed initiation

there is a vast canyon

between the known and the unknown

and the power therein.

The innocent curiosity in a child's eyes


at the brilliance of sandcastles!

The dark oblivion in a madmans;

frozen in thoughts of silent rage!

The central theme of a cultural

belief reddened by tribal pride

and a powerless cause!

In a word,


without the light of humanity!

Our mission

is to stop you from completeing yours!

The duality of marginal difference,

may cost you the breathe of life

and love!

Many are alive,

but few share our lust for life

and live every moment as our last;

Even the tiger finds no room to insert it's

fierce claws,

and yet an unhealthy air fills the walls.

Doubt creeps in

and locks you to the familiar

for fear of the free gift of change!

The tongue speaks unfamiliar languages,

for the security

of the insecure

and you will glorify pale shadows

of remembrance of good times

and great friends!

The ravaged wolf with many victims

tracks in illusion and dream

to shred and deny

fullfillment with uncertainty,

of what can not be known

and at the moment of break through

shallow logic regresses and ascends

to nought

and leaves the carcass

of a once courageous soul


to spend nine moons

in stale winds!

The reek of smoke and whiskey

and the sent of wanton women

open the gate further

so that splintered despair may enter and bloom

as the worm becomes a friend

and clouds fly by!

Yes, you may use my sword and shield

so that you may not yeild to mediocre,

that old heretic of the ancient field.

I will fight with and for you

endless child;

It takes courage to authentically live

and not live for or near

the viper of fear!

Ageless, formless, shapeless

and yet has possession enough over faith and hope

to castrate your liberation

to real life!

A sad lament for a grey soul,

commonplace now!

Good does conquer Evil.

If you would only believe...


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