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Yearning for the Hand that Hurts

Updated on October 15, 2012

Please listen to the music while reading the poem xD

The broken fall for the broken,

Only to be left unattended, with no words spoken

Will the shattered pieces of the heart mend?

Would apologies undo the words that weren't meant?

~You Shattered my WORLD ~YET -

I tried to tape the pieces of my heart back into place

I tried to escape the past, yet I’m always the loser in this race

For I am haunted by the mere shadow of my own disgrace

By the image of my detested face


It has been years since you left me

But the bitterness tastes fresh

And your poisonous words seep into my flesh

The infection and the venom seep into my blood stream

Until I am, out of bitterness, unable to scream

~Your WORDS~

In the end your poisonous memories seep down into the soil of my soul

And although they reek of destruction, without your inflicted pain I feel un-whole

To you I said once, I would savor your hate
yet now with my bruises, I reject this fate

~Your touch ~

Your hand used to sting my flesh, taint it blue

Until life turned dark and lost its hue

Until the feeling of being unable to feel manifests

Until the fighting spirit dies with my falling fists

~Peel off My skin~IF AND ONLY IF~

If I could peel off my skin

To remove the stigma of my sin

To erase YOU

To eradicate YOU

For my skin’s scent is of you

ALAS, I was just a toy for you to screw

~Your memory~

It invades my world of seclusion and silence

It burns my bridges of sanity with impious temperance

Until I am strapped at the back of my own dark mind

Haunted and shattered, my stability I can no more find

~And I Wonder ~

After the sisters of fate have spun their wheel

I wonder about how I truly feel

For every time I vow to break free

You appear in my memories haunting me

~I HATE YOU- Me- For i am confused ~

Am I fool to yearn for the hand that hurts me?

Or am I that speck of dust with no self-worth to be free?


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    • profile image

      Maryellen 3 years ago

      What a pleasure to find someone who idenfities the issues so clearly

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 4 years ago from Lebanon

      Rosemay, Thank you for taking the time to read this poem :) I am glad you liked it :) { also glad to have you on my page hehehe :D }


    • Rosemay50 profile image

      Rosemary Sadler 4 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

      Such emotion in this poem, a yearning to be rid of the memories of the one you still love deep down.

      A powerful read.

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 5 years ago from Lebanon

      Waheed thank you for your comment :) [ your name means lonely in Arabic am i correct ?

      Thank you for your support :)

    • Waheed Chuahdary profile image

      Waheed Chuahdary 5 years ago from United States

      Nice Hub. I like your feel full poetry in this hub. Such a great emotions.

      Photo in this hub also clear the main meaning of this hub. Thanks for sharing this hub voted uppppp...........

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 5 years ago from Lebanon

      hi friend :) thank you for your support :) glad you liked it :)

      Nikki :[ it seems poetry is my only way to vent :) thank you for your understanding :)

    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Nikki Wicked 5 years ago from Louisiana

      Full of emotion as always. Youre poetry has such a sadness about it, but also a strength, you find relief in writing, as you write your burdens and pain and memories down, i some how see you glowing and you become a little bit brighter with every word you write.

    • hi friend profile image

      hi friend 5 years ago from India

      Very nice. Vote up and awesome.