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Years Ago, a real story.

Updated on May 3, 2017

Beside the river

Both of them were teachers. They were from the city, but they had to work in some villages for some years to be allowed to work in their city. From village to another village they were moving with their kids. They were good teachers and kind persons, so most of the people liked them. It was a simple life in a very small house … The money was just enough, but the happiness was more than enough.

They started in small villages and stayed there for short times then worked in that big village … they worked there for 6 years. In that big village, my story began.

With three kids, all of them are boys in age 6, 3 and 1 years old. They rented a very small house. It contained one room and a bathroom. That house was very near to the river and beside the hospital. They lived a simple and poor but happy life. I don’t remember any problem happened there till that strange thing happened.

Late at night, as usual, he came to his house. He had a brave heart and a strong body. On the wall of the hospital, he saw that white unclear shape. With a loud voice, he asked, who is there? No answer. He repeated his question with a louder voice, but gain there was no answer. He called his wife with a loud voice “give me the gun” He had no gun. She was afraid to go out from the room to give him a knife. That shape finally moved into the hospital. He went immediately to the hospital main door and called the guard and told him the story. The guard knew him. He was a trusted man. They went inside the hospital and searched everywhere, but they found nothing at all. The small hospital was empty and very quiet. At the morning he told his friends the strange story and all of them advised him to move to another house as soon as possible. As a wise man, he moved to another house and the new house was far from the hospital and the river.

The old lady

In a very short and narrow street on the left side, there was an old house … There they moved … The owner was a very old woman … They lived in one room on the first floor. It was a house with two floors … On the first floor, there were one room, a big hole, a store, and a bathroom with two doors.

Again they lived simply and they were happy … Time to time, members of their family visited them … The kids were playing with their friends … They considered this village their home.

Someday the second boy disappeared … He was about 4 years old … They searched for him everywhere in the village … Someone told them that he saw the kid walking beside a woman and her young daughter… They asked the woman and she said yes he was walking beside us and then he disappeared … Another one said that he saw him walking in a funeral … After a long day searching for him, finally they found him set with a kind man in a cafeteria drinking tea … That man found him set beside a grave … He went with funeral and didn’t return with them … After a long day, full of sadness and worry they are together again.

Another day the same boy disappeared … They searched again for him and this time he was in the mosque with some kids listening to a holy man talking with them about religion.

They decided to send him to school, he was still one year younger than the age of the first year in school but no problem, he will be in the same school where his elder brother goes and also his parents are teachers in it.

On his first day, he was sad and he was crying … He was catching his mother’s hand and refused to choose a class to be in it. A kid older than him by one year noticed that he is not from the village and he is sad and talked to him … A pure friendship started quickly and he told his mother to send him to the same class of his new friend … The two friends now together in the same class, settings in the same desk.

Some day the owner of the house was talking to the father about her house … She asked him to take care of the house and don’t let his sons destroy it … He was a good person so he told her no need to be afraid because he is considering her house same as his house … At night, she thought a lot of his words and she felt worried … He is considering my house same as his house, it means he is planning to take it after my death … At the morning she asked him hardly to find another house as soon as possible.

The crazy man

This time the new house was a good one … Their flat was on the second floor … Two rooms, no hole but they have a window and a balcony … There was a good woman on the first floor … The good thing for me is that the house of my first and only friend is very near to the new house.

Many times after school I went to my friend … We played and studied till late night then I return back to my house … My brothers also had many friends … People in the village are friendly and kind.

My teacher was a beautiful woman … Everyone in the school loved her … She was very clever teacher … I was lucky because she was my teacher … My friend and I were smart students … She made us love school.

My parents were so good teachers and very kind so all students loved them and also loved us … Good teachers and good students mean perfect school.

The second year in the school … another teacher … also start to learn music … I loved music and I loved reading so much … More friends and more fun … Every day after school we played.

Someday at night our neighbor, the kind woman on the first floor was telling my mother stories about a crazy man who lives in streets and he sometimes attacks women … While they were talking then someone knocked the door strongly … For no reason, both of them felt so scared and hide inside their rooms and screamed loudly … people came fast to help … He was my father, who knocked the door with his strong hand.

Midnight fire

Life in villages was simple and lovely but not so easy … Electricity shut down for some hours every day and also the water supply … Villagers were washing their tools, clothes, and animals in the river then swim and take bath in the same river.

Many dogs live in the streets freely … They played sometimes and fought most of the time … I loved to watch them daily and tried to understand their life … I could know their families and the reasons for the fight between them … Sometimes it was not safe for a child to walk alone in the streets.

Winter in villages was more difficult than winter in cities … The streets were full of dust and it were not straight and when the rain mixed with dust it makes the ordinary walk is very difficult and not safe process … You go out with clean clothes and body, but after some minutes you could go back with very dirty clothes and maybe broken arm or leg.

At that time there were no computer and no mobiles … Only T.V, black and white with only two channels … T.V showed every day very lovely movies, series, and songs … We were allowed to watch T.V for some time daily after finishing our homework, but when the time of exams becomes very near my father used to hide the T.V … At the time of the daily series, I and my brothers were standing on our balcony and watch the reversed image of our neighbor T.V from the first floor which appears on the black glass of our neighbor in the house in front of us and the sound was loud enough to reach us.

Some day after midnight we heard many screams from the street and our parents carried us and ran quickly out of the house … All people were on the street and they were scared … There was a big fire in the house beside our house … They were making some bread and food on fire at night and the air carried the fire to the roof which was full of wood and different things … The fire was big and they called the firefighting … The car of firefighting came but with no water and there was no source for water to supply the car … All people cooperated to fight the fire and after many hours they finished it but after big losses … It was a horrible night and my memory about that village stopped after that night.


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