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Updated on October 19, 2016

Two thin pieces of nylon-

Draped across a sultry canvas;

Conforming to every curve,

Appreciating her natural form.

A swift breeze would leave nothing-

To the imagination.

A vision of strength and femininity -

Surrounded by twinkling blue beauty.

Her eyes piercing like the sun,

She could melt your soul with one glance.

Behind that playful smile is sensual desire.

She looks around believes she is one,

Decides the canvas can be uncovered.

The two thin pieces of nylon thrown-

Into the twinkling blue beauty.

Time seemingly standing still.

Reminded of youthful euphoria when-

First discovering such splendour.

If I could just capture this feeling for eternity.

But I know that is not possible.

Instead I focus on the masterpiece in front of me.


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