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Yesterday (Short story)

Updated on April 22, 2012

6th August 2010 came flooding back... I had been at the station...alone. Suddenly my Mum had come running round the corner, skidding in her trainers and leaping into the open doors of a train followed by policemen, causing the crowd to scatter. I had watched open mouthed as my mother, my own mother smiled evily at the police as the doors shut in front if them. Turning gracefully her ponytail swishing she faced another policeman. At that moment the smile fell swiftly from her face, replaced with a glare that could cut though you like a dagger. She had started to back away but a gun was raised to her head and she was hand cuffed and swiftly escorted out of the station.

I stood there staring at the ground. What had I done to deserve this? What had my Mum ever done? Was she ever coming back? Questions pounded around my head like bullets and I decided to trek home and face my Dad's angry shouts of: "Where were you!?", "Where's your Mother!?", "How could you have been so stupid!?" and "I was worried sick!". I sighed inwardly and began my journey home from the station.

I hadn't gone home yesterday evening, it had been to much for me to face at the time. I couldn't have slept easily in my bed knowing my Mum was some sort or criminal. So, I had curled up on the ground wrapping my school blazer around me and letting my long, brown, curly hair fan out over the station's ground.

As I wandered down the street more worries ran to the surface of my mind: "What would I tell my Dad?", "Would I tell him the truth?" I scuffed my feet along the pavement and sighed again. Why did everything bad always happen to me? All my friend's led normal lives so why couldn't I? well to be honest I had led a very normal life...up until yesterday...yesterday had changed everything.

I stopped at the path leading up to my house and breathed in heavily-this was it, let me bet I'm grounded for a few months, I thought grimacing as I slowly stepped up the path inhaling slowly. I rapped on the front door, waited there anticipating the opening...but nothing happened. I rapped again, harder. Still no answer! Using all the strength I could muster I placed my key in the lock and turned it slowly. There was a small click but it seemed to thunder around the silent house. The door slowly creaked open and I stepped forward into the room to see my Dad sitting in an armchair smiling at me.

"What are you so happy about?" I spat. "Didn't your Mum tell you?" replied my Dad smiling even more. "How could she have done? The police seemed to be keeping her pretty occupied last night!" I shouted at him before I could stop myself. He chuckled softly and I glared. "I see she didn't tell you", he smiled, "we're gonna be rich Madeline! RICH!" I looked at him confused and he swept me up in his arms, sitting me on his knees, as he used to when I was younger. "Your mother has landed a part in Inspector Jeffrey!" he exclaimed excitedly. "Huh?" I said still confused.

Then it dawned on me........"Mum's gonna be on TV!" My dad nodded his head vigorously. “So everything that happened yesterday was a fake!” I said smiling for the first time in hours. At that moment my Mum burst in shoving the contract in my face "The show airs this Christmas!" She shouted punching the air in a victory leap and clasping her hands. All I could do was sit there and smile. Well maybe yesterday hadn't been such a bad day after all.


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    • kozmicbluej profile image

      kozmicbluej 7 years ago

      :-) Really enjoyed that! And loved the reaction at the end from the mum "shoving the contract in my face". All you could do was sit there and... We going to find out what?

    • profile image

      Catherine 7 years ago

      Really enjoyed reading this story with such an unexpected ending. Well written.