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Yesterday's Tale

Updated on July 22, 2016

A Narrative Poem

When I was but a lad,
I was as thin as a ladle
They say I was some prat,
given to incessant prattle
But those were times so generously lit
with memories by no means little.
We lived in a shack;
A constant testimony of poverty's shackle.
Every year would a new child add
to the the nest
to partake of the communal nestle
But to Mother, it would her mood so addle;
For like in a cavern of bats,
Air and food and space was a constant battle
No room was to be found for any sneaking rat
Yet with our farts and whinings would our shack rattle
But I was a prat
given to incessant prattle
And every mean sup
tasted as much supple
to a prat
given to incessant prattles.


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