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Short Story: Yesterdays Butterflies Multiplied! video.....

Updated on January 20, 2012

Yesterdays butterflies Multiplied

Yesterday I bought to your attention the story of two butterflies

that were hanging out with us at my front porch.To the left side of my,

I had planted these beautiful flower tree seeds, and they grew nicely,

and now they are in full bloom. I my friend on the phone and told him

what had happened, he was a teacher for years, to have a friendly

conversation and also pick his brain a little . He was an older man

and pretty quiet most of the time , like always dreaming. I said I am asking

you this question, because I don't know and it's quite interesting to me what

had happened. Do you remember those two butterflies we saw yesterday,

Where do you think those two could have possibly come from?

They were hanging together, like if they were brother and sister.

They fed instinctively, and in sync, like they have been practicing those

moves for years, and they don't have life like that. What do you know son?..

Their movements as if conjoined, almost in perfect harmony to some playful

sound of silence , that we could not hear, tell me something son. remember how we

kept quiet to observe them, I felt that if they detected any sudden movement

by us in their direction, that will obviously cause them to disappear, Just that

same way that it seems they had appeared, so I ordered utter silence! They were almost like little siblings playing in the backyard , without a care in the world because the family was close, and the knew. These two seem to be also at home, their synchronized behavioral patterns is primarily what led to my question, and though there are other logical reasons, and I had my own answers to my query, I am one who is never short of a logical, or even scientific answer for myself.

My answer for that specific question. Is also the triggering mechanism for all my life questions. I knew about Caterpillars turning to Butterflies. Some sort of metamorphosis. I think there is also something with the laying of eggs and hatching. But I needed to know if you, my friend given your background, and proven wisdom, had a profound answer for me?

I then threw in a joke . I knew those many years you have on me, and I know you not one stuck at home whining! Now today, that question, above all the other things , woke up with me today, it got put on my to do list. I decided to further investigate these sightings, when I go to the porch today, To my surprise there were between one dozen and fifteen, of those little critters, and they all were obviously enjoying, and celebrating their considerably short lives.

That same effortless flutter from flower to flower, this did something to my state of mind.
And it was awesome!
Though I have not researched the answer overnight for who now appears to be the parents. If such an answer can be researched! But of the both ways that I mentioned before, I don't believe am too far away from the truth. It does feel special to know that in one way or another, Even in the most minute form, contributes to the benefit of nature and of my specie. I have also contributed! First by being aware of their existence plight, flight, and arrival in this area,

And I am not ever a gardener, or a biologist, but it was my seeds, my energy, care, and belief that made all these Interactions possible! Catch my drift I ? I contributed greatly! But I still have my sights set on finding The true answer to my initial question to you!

Since you are represented strongly by you uncanny ability to know and your age. The possibility exists that you may be privy to some immediate benefits as to why ?

Yesterdays butterflies multiplied!



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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      I know for sure that they are first caterpillars, and they then turn into to butterflies and it is a magical sight.

      It make you think , and that all life really asks of us that we be unselfish and think of others.

      Thanks for reading and your always beautiful and helpful comments Gypsy Rose Lee.

      Blessings to you.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 6 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      This is an awesome tale. I don't know about multiplying butterflies but I do know that nature is absolutely wonderful and magical.


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