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You Always

Updated on September 15, 2017

You always make me wait

You always make me cry

But you always come to me

When your circle has gone dry

When you are rid of all those people making up your spring

Rid of all the laughters ...

Rid of those things making up your seasons

You always come to me

When everything is taken from you

You spare no time to look back

While your lively life is at its peak

There's no knowing of my existence

There's no knowing of my name..

So when your people starts to leave you

That's when my image come to mind

Even so I am happy

Yes I am that stupid

Because I treasure you that much

I ignore the pain that your truth gives

And you always leave me for something

..or someone else

You always come to me when they're gone..

You always make me wait

And I do wait anyway.

Teddy Bears To Give You Love In Your Lone Time

© 2017 Michii Gee


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