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You Are Emerica

Updated on September 11, 2010

Thinking is dangerous, doing so may cause
my mind to implode.
Your growth is slow, and inside
my chest is filled with smoke
And the inside of your mouth is full of coal.
Dirty dirty little hands pulling me
off this immaculate plan,
replacing me with trivia
and another bad habit.
Gun shells and finger nails,
broken rules and shattered skulls
thought provoking lies and ripped open sides,
Along with exposed corrosion's of the organs.
Plucking dreams from murderous hearts,
skeletons skin torn open and ripped apart
melted then turned to sin, grind-ed and
bashed into liquid and then injected,
again and again.
Ak's hand grenades and good grades,
better days turned away for quick pay.


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