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You Can Have a New Beginning Like This Woman

Updated on December 13, 2010


I had the opportunity to hear and meet Robin Givens, Mike Tyson’s ex-wife. To my pleasant surprise, she was one of the most gracious, humble and caring women I had ever met. A woman full of wisdom, I tell you. In this hub you will read about how life can knock you down (no pun intended) and how you can get back up stronger; more powerful than a speeding bullet and able to leap tall building in a single bound.

After twenty minutes listening to Robin Givens, I felt I knew her well, down to the very fiber of her being. The way she opened her life to the audience was so heartfelt and honest. Robin’s life is like most of ours, an accumulation of good and bad relationships, up and down career and motherhood challenges.

Robin Emphasized

As Robin talked, she made some very clear points about life. She said, “God brought me to my knees.” Then she stated that from her experiences and journey in life she wrote a book titled, “Grace Will Lead Me Home.” Robin believes that by reading the book your time of healing can be shortened.

Robin Givens Speaking to Women
Robin Givens Speaking to Women | Source

Robin Givens Book

How Can You Heal Through Someone Else’s Hurt?

We all have challenges, and women have unique challenges. I think that Robin’s transparency helps us understand that we are not alone. Her willingness to share her life’s experience set the stage for us to enter into a place where we might not go without her. She has the advantage of being a celebrity; which in many respects, we see her as our hero.

She embodies so much of the issues that women face everyday, especially African American women. Many women can relate to her trials and tribulations. Her forthcoming discussions cause us to think about our own lives. We are glad to know that life didn’t swallow her up in a hole somewhere. And we are glad that she discovered the true essence of life through a loving God. She refers to God as “interesting”.

God is interesting the way he does things. This statement means that we do not understand how, why or when he does things, he just does.

Onward With Family

Robin has two gorgeous sons that she refers to in an endearing way. Her love for them shines through as she shares the little things they do together. Like most good mothers, her life is centered on their well being. She is raising them and loving them to be men fit to be great husbands and fathers.

The Forever Journey

Out of Robin Givens’ life comes help and hope for those who want to improve their lives in a supportive setting. You can go to her site The Forever Journey (no spaces), and learn more about becoming a part of a community that believes change can happen in your life.

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Many Thanks

A popular radio show host and local community organization sponsored the program that Robin spoke at, “The Phenomenal Women’s Series”, and Focus Hope of Michigan. Robin was brought in to bring hope and encouragement to women of all walks of life. In the end, the women expressed their gratitude and thankfulness to Robin for coming by purchasing her book “Grace Will Lead Me Home”.

In Attendance

Author, Ty Adams, Amazon top 100 book seller, “Single, Saved and Having Sex” was present as well.


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  • Treasuresofheaven profile image

    Sima Ballinger 6 years ago from Michigan

    Thank you Deborrah for contributing to this discussion. Robin is now give hope to thousands of women across America.

    Blessings For The New Year!

  • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

    DeBorrah K Ogans 6 years ago

    Treasuresofheaven, Thank you for sharing this inspiring hub about Robin Gibbons! She has certainly been through a lot... It is always refreshing to hear that one's route to healing was through a personal relationship with the Lord! So glad that her pain has been turned into compassion and grace! The VICTORY is in HIM... Praise the LORD for new beginnings! For we Know that it is only through Jesus Christ that one can truly become whole...

    Thank you for sharing, In HIS Love, Grace, Joy, Peace & Blessings!

  • Treasuresofheaven profile image

    Sima Ballinger 6 years ago from Michigan

    fastfreta, thanks for giving me a shout out. I think Robin Givens has done us women well. Let's pray that her life continues to go up and up.

    Hi Ingenira, I am happy to share the life of Robin Givens. She is an inspiration. Thanks for your comment.

  • Ingenira profile image

    Ingenira 6 years ago

    It's my first time reading about Robin Givens. I love reading about inspirational story, and thank you, now I have known another great woman.

  • fastfreta profile image

    Alfreta Sailor 6 years ago from Southern California

    Very good and well researched hub. I truly appreciate the information you shared about Ms Givens. It's always good to hear about famous people that have turned their life around.

  • Treasuresofheaven profile image

    Sima Ballinger 6 years ago from Michigan

    Imatellmuva, you make a good point. I think we all are considered underdogs at some point in our lives. Robin shows and proves that we can overcome obstacles and setbacks.

    Thanks for sharing your insight!

  • imatellmuva profile image

    imatellmuva 6 years ago from Somewhere in Baltimore

    Robin Givens for far too long was considered an underdog, but she proved that she is much more, and has something substantial to offer! This is a great hub Treasuresofheaven!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Treasuresofheaven profile image

    Sima Ballinger 6 years ago from Michigan

    SJKSJK, glad to hear that this hub is inspiring. Robin Givens has become one to admire. Thanks for your comment.

  • SJKSJK profile image

    SJKSJK 6 years ago from delray beach, florida

    Very inspiring. I have always admired Robin.

  • Treasuresofheaven profile image

    Sima Ballinger 6 years ago from Michigan

    Happyboomernurse, Welcome to Hubpages. I appreciate your comment about Robin Givens. She has become a positive role model. I am sure that it was not easy sharing with the world her challenges. If we all could share with the grace and precision that she did, we would be more effective in our delivery. It takes maturity! Take care.

  • Treasuresofheaven profile image

    Sima Ballinger 6 years ago from Michigan

    Bel, thanks for being right at the top. You must have been waiting for this hub. I was really touched by Robin Givens' speech. She did not have a not or index card in sight. She spoke straight from her heart and soul. I am glad you are inspired to write more. Thanks again!

  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

    Well written hub about a famous strong woman who became a positive roll model by sharing her story with the public. Thanks for sharing this hub.

  • Bel Marshall profile image

    Bel Marshall 6 years ago from Michigan

    I have always liked Robin Givens. She has always handled herself with a grace that I hope I am able to raise my daughter to have as an adult.

    Wonderful post and also some inspiration for me to do so more writing.