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You Don't Own A Thing In This World But Yourself

Updated on December 15, 2016

I Was Never Yours To Begin With

I have never belonged to anyone, nor do I ever wish to.

I grew up in this body, I built myself from the wind, the trees, and the sun.

And you had nothing to do with that.

When the sun shines on my skin, you can see veins running through like the roots of a tree. A tree that you have attempted to cut down time and time again.

But I do not budge. I do not waiver. No words or actions can shake the foundation I have built so carefully.

I am not a flower that can be pulled from the ground. My petals do not tear in half at the touch of a careless hand.

How is it that you think knowing where I came from means that you can determine where I'm going?

How is that you think knowing my past means that you can decide my future?

You do not get to decide when a tree has grown tall enough. You do not get to decide when the wind stops blowing. You do not get to decide when the sun is bright enough.

So what gives you the right to tell me?

You cannot compare me to anyone. You cannot tell me who I am. You cannot point me in the wrong direction.

I grew out of the ground with a force of nature to be seen and heard, to grow up and expand out, to not leave a single soul of the earth untouched.

I do not cling to the ground and hope to be unseen like the sharp grass.

I do not lose my leafs with the changing of the season.

I stay, strong, and hold my ground. I do not budge. I do not waiver.

And one day, you will see exactly what it means to truly be something all on your own.

Just watch.


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    • Luna Blue profile image

      Luna Blue 17 months ago

      I like this, very empowering :)