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You Gave Her Everything (A Poem)

Updated on January 4, 2016

Beyond her needs, you have provided,

To give her the world, you have decided,

You hired other hearts to love and care,

Her time and being, you were willing to share,

You held her hand but lost her heart,

Your protection put her in danger from the very start,

You wanted to redeem your pride and past,

So you gave her everything that wouldn't last,

Obsessed with her tomorrow,

you've forsaken her today,

Ornaments and paper made her lose her way,

Coverings of splendor and colors of class,

You gave her everything that wouldn't last,

Yes, you wanted to love her,

But you allowed shadows to raise her,

Shadows of doubt, luxury and success,

You wanted to make her the best,

and by doing so, you've made her a mess

You pulled off a checklist,

Completed it perfectly,

Sculpted a work of art for all to envy,

Her flesh is taken care of so diligently,

But her spirit remains dead,

her eyes still fail to see

Alas! You've squandered and lost!

For the liar has taken her trust,

All because you gave her everything that wouldn't last.


Soli Deo Gloria!


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